Are you living RRR Week to the fullest?

Haley Talbot/Staff

RRR Week itself is a strange concept for the college student to understand. It’s odd to not have to wake up for classes every day, and we’re not quite sure if we should be studying or not. The free time is almost too much for us. At some point, you must ask yourself: Are you living RRR Week and finals week to the fullest?

We at the Clog are prepared to help you answer that question. You know the drill, just mark off everything that you do during RRR Week and finals week.

  1. You cry in the shower.
  2. You cry during a final.
  3. You camp out at Main Stacks.
  4. You wait until Friday of RRR Week to begin studying.
  5. You open your laptop to go to bCourses but instead end up on Netflix.
  6. You take two or more hours for a study break.
  7. You actually feel like you’re prepared.
  8. You calculate what score you need on the final.
  9. You regret not changing a class to pass/no pass.
  10. You pull an all-nighter.
  11. You realize you need a green book on the way to your final.
  12. You consider changing your major.
  13. You make a study schedule instead of studying.
  14. You do your laundry instead of studying.
  15. You clean your room instead of studying.
  16. You go to San Francisco instead of studying.
  17. You haven’t left your apartment in several days.
  18. You have a study group but don’t actually study.
  19. You sleep in past noon because you don’t have classes.
  20. You wear sweatpants for three or more days.
  21. You don’t put pants on for three or more days.
  22. You eat only junk food.
  23. You drink more than six caffeinated drinks in one day.
  24. You forget to eat for extended periods of time.
  25. You realize this isn’t worth it.
  26. Office hours?
  27. You go all the way to a coffee shop to study but end up on Facebook.
  28. You try to convince yourself that you’ve studied enough.
  29. You check off everything on your to-do list.
  30. You make more group plans with friends than study group plans.

10 or fewer: You seem to be using your RRR Week in a much more productive — or, at least healthier — way than the average Bear. Don’t forget to take a break every once in a while and have some fun during the last week of the term.

11 to 19: Congratulations! You’re living RRR Week to the fullest, like a typical UC Berkeley student. You’re currently a perfect combination of functionally productive and a complete mess. Remember to veer toward the latter as finals loom closer.

20 to 25: Have you ever heard the saying “You can have too much of a good thing?” That applies to you right now. Maybe get up and stretch for a bit … or get some sleep. Then, when you sit down to study, you can actually get some work done instead of procrastinating.

25 or more: Please drink some water, take a nap and eat some healthy food. You need help. RRR Week isn’t supposed to actually kill you.

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