Nine ways to prepare for studying

Rachel Feder/Staff

Admittedly, a lot of planning goes into studying for finals. There are so many different factors to consider, and messing up one tiny procedure can ruin your study schedule. Hence, we at the Clog have provided you with step-by-step instructions on how to get prepared for studying.

1. Change the background on your phone, laptop and tablet into something motivational.

Perhaps a picture of your mom screaming at you or an upbeat quote such as, “You can do this.” Put some thought and effort into picking the perfect wallpaper, because you’ll be seeing it multiple times a day.

2. Do your laundry and clean your room.

You’re going to procrastinate later in the week by washing the dishes, so you might as well do it now so you can study in peace. This could be the first time you see the bottom of your floor since you’ve moved into your place. Plus, you’re going to need all the room you can get to spread out.

3. Put together a motivational playlist to get you going.

Check out the Clog’s list of dead week playlists, or maybe find some punk rock to get you angry and in the mood for some angry homework. Fight poison with poison.

4. Think about all the pizza you’re going to get after you make it through finals.

There won’t be any guilt, because you’ll deserve it after putting yourself through the ungodly week that is final exams.

5. Cook an extremely large meal and freeze it in multiple serving sizes.

This way, you won’t have an excuse to not study in your room all day long. But this is not a good idea if it’s going to be your first time turning the stove on in your apartment or, really, cooking for the first time in your life.

6. Stock up at the grocery store.

Load up on coffee, chocolate, snacks and anything you might crave while studying. Nothing is more annoying than suddenly obsessively thinking about Flaming Hot Cheetos when you’re in the middle of a problem set.

7. Finish every show you’re watching so you won’t be tempted to procrastinate when you finally get to studying.

This includes scrolling through all your favorite websites. Afterward, block all the websites until the end of your last exam. Or even better, reroute Netflix to go to the UC Berkeley webcast site and Facebook to bCourses.

8. Go exercise.

Yes, even if you hate it. The Clog must take every precaution against all possible distractions. This way, you have an excuse for eating all the junk food you stockpiled. We recommend dancing to that song you wrote about mitochondria.

9. Drink water and stay hydrated.

It’s the one thing you can consume that’s practically free and comes with zero calories. The last thing we want is for you to pass out from dehydration, unless you want to use that as an excuse for why you failed to show up to the study group.

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