Slogans for non-College of Letters and Science majors

Nicole White/Staff

Because the College of Letters and Science is the largest of the 14 colleges at UC Berkeley, it’s understandable that it is the most well-known around campus. Although it does offer the most majors, it isn’t the only college on campus. This time, the Clog is back with some memorable slogans for majors in the College of Natural Resources, the College of Environmental Design and the College of Engineering. Check to see if your major made the list.

City planning

“Graduating class increased from 10 to 15 graduates after the premiere of ‘Parks and Recreation.’”

Landscape architecture

“Aspiring gardener with a degree and a dream.”

Environmental design

“We are ashamed to admit that Wurster Hall looks like a dirty block of concrete.”


“Join us to discover the art of smoothie-blending and salad-making.”

Food systems

“How many broccoli plants can you fit into a square foot?”


“Learn about poison, but try not to kill anyone in the process.”

Conservation and resource studies

“Reduce, reuse and recycle mason jars.”

Energy and resources

“Turn off all the lights and use candles.”


“Tree-hugging every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.”

Genetics and plant biology

“There’s so much to learn about these fuzzy green mosses!”

Microbial biology

“We’re all about bacteria and sauteed mushrooms.”

Material science

“Choose from a variety of courses ranging from ceramics, concrete and metals.”

Civil engineering

“1+1=2, but let’s make it 5 just in case.”


“First take a dozen ethics classes before creating abominable creatures.”

Nuclear engineering

“We secretly build atomic bombs during lab. Just kidding…”

Electrical engineering and computer science

“No one outside of UC Berkeley knows the difference between EECS and CS.”

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