A poem for missing UC Berkeley

Audrey McNamara/File

The wounds might still be a bit fresh from finals, but you have to admit that we do miss some of our school’s little quirks. It’s just not the same when you’re at home. Even though break’s still beginning, it’s not too soon to be nostalgic for the freedom that college offers. Contrary to John Waite’s classic song “Missing You,” we do miss being at UC Berkeley — at least a little bit. We at the Clog have concocted a short poem to sum up all the little things you miss about the Berkeley you call home when you’re not there. 

Missing UC Berkeley


O’ Berkeley, O’ Berkeley

There are the great friends who make the boring classes worth it.

They laugh with you at every funny Facebook Free & For Sale post,

And these are the people we miss the most.

They are the ones who encourage us not to quit.


O’ Berkeley, O’ Berkeley

It’s weird not seeing the Campanile every day.

We don’t even have to pass through Sather Gate when we’re on our merry way.


O’ Berkeley, O’ Berkeley

Coming back from class, we had the freedom to go climb the Big C.

Sometimes, we also couldn’t help but stop to get some bubble tea.


Walking along on Telegraph, we would think to ourselves:

“There’s always such a weird stench in the air.”

We’re never sure if it was skunk or marijuana, either.


O’ Berkeley, O’ Berkeley

Until Jan. 19,

We’ll be thinking about you.

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