Rainy day activities

Kore Chan/Senior Staff

The end of the glorious days of winter break can be disappointing, and it seems like the weather is echoing our melancholy. If looking at your weather app and seeing rain clouds for almost every day of week makes you wish you could hibernate through spring semester or the end of El Nino — whichever comes last — you’re not alone. We at the Clog feel your pain and have some activities to cheer you up by making the rainy days and the start of a new semester even more exciting.

Movie marathon

If rain makes you not want to leave your apartment or dorm room, then a movie marathon is the perfect excuse for being sedentary. We suggest a Star Wars marathon to start off the semester since Star Wars: The Force Awakens was just released over winter break.

Lake Tahoe visits 

On the bright side, the rain from El Nino has created great skiing conditions up in the mountains. After years of dismal snowfalls, you can finally enjoy an abundance of fresh powder. If skiing isn’t quite your style, you can always cuddle up with some hot chocolate and friends. The best part is that Lake Tahoe is just a day trip away!

Rain runs

With the right gear, you can still spend time outside this rainy season. Running in the rain is fun, and you can channel your inner 5-year-old and maybe even jump in some puddles. If you run the fire trails, you can even trick all of your roommates into thinking you completed a Tough Mudder when you return splattered in mud.

Museum trips

There are so many great museums in the Bay Area to visit! We recommend checking out the Exploratorium, which has a free admission day Feb. 2, or the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in its new Downtown location, which opens Jan. 31. A museum visit is the perfect rainy day activity, allowing you to learn about something new while staying dry inside.

Pick a workout class at the RSF

If spending a long time outside in the rain isn’t your ideal way to spend a day, you can still get your workout done inside. You can even take the 51B down to the RSF to find the workout class of your dreams. The wet weather probably means you’re walking less, so be sure to get some exercise in elsewhere.


Napping is a great idea, no matter what the weather is like outside. Pile on the blankets and pillows and grab a cup of tea. Pull up the blinds and watch the rain fall melodically outside while you’re all cozied up in bed.

Learn how to make soup

Nothing’s better on a cold, rainy day than a steaming bowl of soup. But it’s hard to justify the costly trips to SF Soup Co., which add up faster than you can say “tomato bisque.” With the amount of rain we’re expected to experience in the near future, we can’t afford to buy soup to warm us up on every gloomy day. Soup is easy to make, very customizable and works as a creative way to get rid of your leftovers, so learning to make your own will make rainy days easier.

School work

When you finally become bored of Netflix, you’ll probably search desperately for something else to fill your time. You could always try curling up with your reader and some tea. Spending a few hours snuggled up like this is a productive way to pass the time, and might even help you get ahead on your work. When midterms hit, you’ll thank yourself — trust us.

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