Your first weekend in desserts

Abigail Balingit/Staff

It’s been a long week. Even with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off from classes, the first week has been rough. Getting into a new routine is always difficult and we at the Clog feel your pain. We’ve decided to take the time to celebrate something that never changes: your love of desserts. The best part of coming back to Berkeley is exploring all your favorite places all over again, and what better way to do that than treating yourself to some desserts after the first week of classes?


Omil Xia/Staff

Omil Xia/Staff

Thursday isn’t officially the weekend, but for the lucky few with no Friday classes, this is the night when the fun begins. For those who do have to make it to a class on Friday morning, but still want to celebrate, it’s best to stay close to campus. If it’s not raining, stop by Caffe Strada to pick up a sweet, warm drink and bask in the glow of the twinkly lights. Everyone’s favorite study spot by day becomes a quieter, more intimate hangout by night. The hot apple cider and hot chocolate are always crowd-pleasers. If just a drink isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can begin the walk down College Avenue to Ici. A hot drink will keep your hands warm as you walk and we all know that any calories consumed while moving don’t count. You’ll finish your drink just in time to arrive in line at Ici, where you can sample their interesting flavors before deciding on a scoop or two.



Spandana Singh/Staff

Spandana Singh/Staff

It’s Friday night, which means you’ve successfully made it through the first week of classes. You might not be able to afford the enormously fancy celebration meal you’ve been planning in your head all week, but you can probably afford dessert at the restaurant of your dreams. Trattoria Siciliana has an amazing, though expensive, menu. If the pastas and other entrees are a little too much for you, flip straight to the dessert menu. You’ll get the classy restaurant atmosphere at only a fraction of the price. And if the smell of the food cooking will be too much for you and your wallet to resist, you can always try Crepevine, on Shattuck Avenue. This restaurant has a menu including breakfast all day, salads, sandwiches, and of course, sweet and savory crepes.


Cesar Ruiz/Staff

Cesar Ruiz/Staff

Brunch is everyone’s favorite meal of the week, so do it up in the traditional Berkeley style. Head to La Note on Shattuck Avenue for one of the best brunches Berkeley has to offer. The french toast is the ultimate in brunch decadence and it’s totally something you deserve. Split it with a friend or keep it all to yourself. It’s pretty hard to resist huge pieces of bread soaked in orange water and sprinkled with lavender honey, but if that doesn’t sound like what you want, you can always go for the lemon gingerbread pancakes with poached pears. A full stomach and a great Instagram await.



Rachel Feder/Senior Staff

As much as we don’t want to admit it, school is back and ready to kick us in the butt if we don’t start studying soon. Because we’re all trying to stick to those beginning of the semester resolutions we’ve made by staying on top of our work, Sunday seems like the perfect day to begin cracking down. Berkeley has many great study spots to offer, all with their own special atmosphere. Because it’s early in the semester and some of us still haven’t detoxed from all the hours spent in the library during finals, begin your studying at a coffee shop close to campus. Stay there for a few hours and make it your goal to complete three readings and eat at least two pastries. You deserve a reward for studying, so treat yourself to that chocolate chip muffin and almond croissant you’ve been eyeing.


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