Pros and cons of being back in Berkeley

William Pan/Staff

Ah, a new semester. After a month of break, some UC Berkeley students are excited to get back, while others are not as eager to be returning to class. Whether you were counting down the days until school began again or already counting down the days until summer, you can’t deny that the start of a new term feels a little bit like a blessing in disguise. We at the Clog put together a list of pros and cons of being back in Berkeley that may perfectly describe your mixed feelings.


  1. You get to see your friends.
  2. Break was starting to get boring, anyway.
  3. Berkeley is much more exciting than your hometown.
  4. Your parents are wonderful, but it’s nice having complete freedom again.
  5. There are so many delicious restaurants in Berkeley for a reasonable price — where you can go when you don’t feel like cooking.
  6. Nobody is nagging you to do your laundry.
  7. Similarly, nobody is nagging you to clean your room or make your bed (except maybe your roommate).
  8. New classes, which means new (hopefully interesting) subject material and new professors.
  9. You’re back in the bustling city and the beautiful Bay Area.
  10. You’re able to walk everywhere, which is really nice after a month of driving. No gas money!
  11. You get to be back on the beautiful campus.
  12. Syllabus week is pretty relaxing, so you have plenty of time for fun activities.
  13. It’s nice to have some actual structure to your day.
  14. A lot of the really fun club activities tend to be near the beginning of the term, so you’re excited to go to your organizations’ meetings.
  15. You’re back at the No. 1 public university in the world!


  1. You get to have awkward interactions with people who you met once and forgot about.
  2. School is going to get hard, fast.
  3. Berkeley is much more expensive than your hometown.
  4. Nobody is going to stop you from marathoning TV for 48 hours.
  5. Those restaurants cost money. Plus, your parents’ cooking is wonderful and your own just doesn’t compare.
  6. Laundry is no longer free.
  7. Your room is so messy, you can’t find anything.
  8. New classes mean expensive textbooks and a new workload.
  9. You’re back in the city — which means slightly scary people approaching you, the constant smell of weed and really loud construction noises at 7 a.m.
  10. You basically have to walk or take a crowded bus everywhere, which can get really exhausting.
  11. You have to cross Sproul Plaza during prime tabling time.
  12. Once syllabus week is over, you’re going to be drowning in homework and unable to see the light of day until May.
  13. You actually have to get out of bed and go places.
  14. A new term usually means new club and organization dues, as well as mandatory hours for recruitment.
  15. There are no real cons to being at the No. 1 public university.

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