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What to do with the unexpectedly nice weather

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JANUARY 27, 2016

After what seems to us like years of rain and cold, it’s a very welcome surprise to be experiencing such beautiful weather. The sky is clear and sunny, and it’s warm enough to leave home without a jacket, not to mention a rain layer. Of course, those of you from Southern California might not think it’s so nice, but we at the Clog will take 60 degrees Fahrenheit over 50 degrees Fahrenheit any day. We’ve come up with a few ways for you to spend your time during these nice days before the rain and fog set in again.

Get ice cream

Omil Xia/Staff
Omil Xia/Staff

We’ve waxed poetic before about ice cream, and we’ll do it again. It’s quite possibly the best dessert out there, and Berkeley has an oversaturated ice cream market. Whether you’re in the mood for something organic, something made to order with liquid nitrogen or something out of the ordinary, there’s a place nearby for you. Nothing will help you pretend that the four months standing between you and summer don’t matter like ice cream will.

Go to Indian Rock Park

Christina Fossum/Staff

The clear skies mean that the sunsets are as vivid as ever. Take advantage of the warmer afternoons and make the journey to Indian Rock Park. It’s the perfect place to bring a picnic dinner and watch the sunset over the San Francisco Bay. Bring a few blankets for when the sun goes down and take the time to appreciate the city we get to live in for four years. The beautiful views from the park will make you forget that you’re already a month behind on your readings.

Wear sandals


The warmer weather means that you don’t have to wear boots anymore. Let your feet breathe a little by wearing sandals instead of socks and shoes. Your toes will thank you for letting them see the light of day. If you think it’s too cold for sandals, you can always add on a pair of your most conversation-starting socks. This is Berkeley, after all, and nothing gets the conversation going like a good pair of Birkenstocks and socks. And if you’re really feeling bold, don’t wear shoes at all.

Go for a swim

Michaela Swenson/Staff
Michaela Swenson/Staff

A nice day can almost instantly transport you back to the days of summer. Capitalize on those feelings by going for a swim at one of the many pools Berkeley has to offer. You can go to the Strawberry Canyon Pool or the Hearst Pools. At the Hearst Pools, there are two pools for instructional classes and one for lap swimming, so you can get a workout in before you’re expected to be seen wearing a swimsuit.

Relax on the Glade


Take a break on Memorial Glade in between classes. While it’s still sort of syllabus week, it’s nice to take the time to relax before the semester becomes too crazy. Sitting or napping on the Glade, surrounded by fellow students, allows for a sense of peace and unity in the middle of a hectic day on campus. And if you really need to, a sunny few hours on the Glade can be the perfect time to do that reading for Wealth and Poverty.

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JANUARY 26, 2016