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Photo-opp adventures in the city before school gets busy

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JANUARY 29, 2016

Your plate gets fuller and fuller as the weeks go on, which means that your gym sessions are cut short and your outfits go from pre-planned to being just your pajamas. You are at the prime of your looks, and the high-resolution camera on the Iphone 6 definitely recognizes your beauty. Also, when your assignments pile up, times you could have spent exploring Berkeley and nearby cities are compromised by schoolwork, and you never seem to stray away from FSM or MLK. Why not stock up on Instagram-worthy photos before school starts? Here are some places that are worth visiting at least once and that make good locations for photo-opps. Your corkboard could also use more a few more polaroids.


Cat Town Cafe

For anyone who likes cats or coffee, or both, Cat Town Café offers you a chance to be surrounded by a creepy amount of cat décor while drinking quality coffee and eating cat-shaped pastries. Also, if you’re thinking about adopting a cat, make a reservation to go into the cat room and find one that seems to speak to your soul. Even if you’re more of a dog person, you can still enjoy the ironic cat paintings and snap a pic or two.

UC Botanical Garden


The Botanical Garden takes a huge amount of effort to visit, which is probably why some students haven’t made the treacherous trip uphill. With a wide variety of greenhouses ranging from cactuses to tropical plants and other arrays of outdoor plants, no one can claim the climb in the end, because there’s something for everyone. Plus, the plants look great when paired up with the right VSCO filter.

Pegasus Books

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Here’s another opportunity to be surrounded by cats while you’re engaging with casual everyday activities. This particular bookstore has cats running around, which means that if you’d like, you can have one sitting on your lap as you’re catching up on your Star Wars Psychology.

Oakland Museum of California


Get #cultured at the Oakland Museum, and make sure that everyone knows that you are now more appreciative of art by posting a few pictures of yourself at the museum. Maybe even imitate some paintings so you don’t look too awkward just standing next to them expressionless. However, make sure to not use flash in the museum so as not to damage the paintings.

The Original


Even though dinner pictures seem to be exclusive to couples attempting to snapchat each other, friends can also take a jab at it when eating dinner together. On your next dinner outing, bring your polaroid or your high quality camera and take a few pictures. Who knows, you might even get a profile picture out of it.

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JANUARY 29, 2016