Spring in the air: Editor’s note

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Life moves at a dizzying pace when you come back to UC Berkeley. It’s much more dizzying than winter break, when you’re hibernating at your parents’ house, who do your dishes for you, and you’re practically having a “Netflix-and-chill” night every night by yourself.

You might feel caught off guard, then, when you step back onto campus for the first time in weeks and your world springs back into motion. Now, once again, you are one of thousands of students who are running around like ants, buying textbooks, joining clubs, passing out fliers, suiting up for career fairs, maybe organizing protests or maybe even whining about all these protests! Meanwhile, you are desperately pleading for your professor to take you off the waitlist.

Life has tossed a mountain of a to-do list at you like a hot potato, and all you really want to do is sit down at Strada and catch up with your best friend from the opposite coast.

Don’t worry. We at The Daily Californian are sure that you can step up to the challenge, and we want to help you take that first step. We’ve got a playlist for you to start your day, classes with open seats for you to take, all the important dates to remember and plenty of other good reminders. Maybe you should take notes. Or maybe not! You already have enough of that to do.

More importantly, we want to remind you to take it slow and enjoy life. Yes, you’re here for an education, but you don’t have to do all your learning in the classroom. You’ll learn so much about life just by watching a breathtaking movie, or dancing away at a concert, or people-watching on Sproul during the sunset. Start thinking about what adventures you want to have this spring.

Welcome back, UC Berkeley!

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