A definitive list of best songs to sing in the shower

Kithumini Jayasiri/Staff

Today, Wednesday, Feb. 3, is a marvelous day. Why? Because it’s National Singing Day! That means you finally have an excuse to sing out loud in situations where it would usually be considered socially unacceptable to do so. Have a song stuck in your head while you’re walking through Sproul? Sing it out loud; it’s National Singing Day. In the residence hall showers and wishing you could sing? Wish no more. Just sing. Alone in your room with the speakers blasting? Why aren’t you singing already?

In honor of this wonderful holiday, we at the Clog decided to create a decisive list of the best songs to sing in the shower. So grab a towel, head to the shower and sing your heart out.

“Sons of California” or “Fight for California”

Prove your Cal pride to housemates, friends they may have over and anyone within a 10-foot radius by screaming some of the most popular Cal songs. Make sure to really get into the part where you spell out California in “Sons of California” and the part where you make hand gestures in “Fight for California.”

Anything from Broadway

If you’re a theater enthusiast, you know better than anyone else that show tunes are the perfect songs to sing in the shower. Whether you decide to belt something from today’s most popular musicals, such as “Hamilton” or “Wicked,” or go classic with something like “Les Miserables” or “Phantom of the Opera,” you’re sure to have a very wide, very loud selection.

“Save Me, San Francisco” by Train

Bay Area native band, Train, knows where the party’s at, and it’s in San Francisco. Spend your shower proclaiming how much you love the Tenderloin (even if you actively avoid it) and the city across the Bay. It might not be the most popular song, even in its heyday, but it’s still pretty fun to be able to picture every location mentioned almost perfectly when singing.

“California Gurls” by Katy Perry

Whether or not you’re a California native is irrelevant because this throwback song is fun to shout out regardless of where you’re from and is a great way to rep state pride. Bonus points if you can do the rap verse.

“Chandelier” by Sia

Sure, most people only know the chorus to this song and very few people can sing said chorus well, but who cares about hitting the notes? Even if your cry of “chandelieeeeeeeer” becomes more shriek than song, you can still have a blast.

“Story of My Life” or “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction

Both of these songs have the power to make teenage girls from all over the world fall in love; what could be better than five members, an active band, an upbeat pop sound and really, really catchy lyrics? Relive your high school infatuation by telling everyone within earshot “what makes them beautiful” and reminiscing about that touching music video.

“You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift

Speaking of throwback songs, go back to the days of teardrops on guitars, country twang and long hair with one of Taylor Swift’s most famous early songs. We at the Clog have found that this song fits many different occasions — if the person you like is with someone else, if your dog is showing more affection to your roommate than to you, if you’re thinking of that celebrity you’re in love with or if you just want to sing in the shower. Plus, when you’re done with both the song and the shower, you can just “Shake it Off.”

“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey

Nothing says singing in the shower more than playing a guitar solo using your shampoo bottle as the instrument. So what if you’re not a small town girl or a city boy? You’re still living in a lonely world and you could theoretically take a midnight train going anywhere. Plus, you’ll never stop believing.

“Hello” by Adele

Yeah, you saw this one coming. Nothing compares to the feeling of belting out Adele dramatically while water pours down your face. Try to see if you can get that full-sounding voice. C’mon, we dare you. Hello, neighbors. It’s you. You’re on the other side — of the shower.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

Is this the real life? Or is this just you singing one of the world’s greatest songs at the top of your lungs, regardless of who is around you. It’s basically a fact that no matter what you’re doing, the best song to sing is “Bohemian Rhapsody.” In the car on a road trip? “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Karaoke night? “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Trying to finish up your shower repertoire with an amazing closing number for your many fans on National Singing Day? Definitely “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

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