Frozen yogurt food tour

Who doesn’t love frozen yogurt? We at the Clog sat down to create a frozen yogurt food tour that takes you along from morning to evening through some of the greatest places to grab some of the best fro-yo in the area.

10:00 a.m. — Menchies

Start off your lazy day by walking down to our very own Menchies on Euclid Avenue. Grab a cup of cake batter or any other seasonal favorite. The price depends on how much you fill in your cup, so you could go bananas and literally add several bananas to your yogurt or simply top it up with sprinkles. Make sure your cup is big enough to last you through a walk over to the Downtown Berkeley BART station and a ride to Powell Street in San Francisco so you can continue on the tour.

12:30 p.m. — Pinkberry

You should be standing in front of a green logo in the middle of Union Square in San Francisco now. Go into Macy’s and take the escalators down to the food court at the bottom of the store where you’ll find a Pinkberry. Try their exclusive cinnamon churro flavor or lemon lime, topped with caramel popcorn or even fruity pebbles. Or for a change, you could try one of their three classic frozen yogurt smoothies. After you have finished having a hearty treat and shopping around Union Square, hop on the 6, 21 or any other available bus to take you on the short ride to your next stop.

3:00 p.m. — Caffe Ambrosia

Located at Trinity Palace, this place offers some of the richest and most delicious frozen yogurt you could dream of finding. Also available at an incredibly cheap rate, you will not regret stopping at this golden spot. Try their famous French custard and experiment with some other favorites on your own. Once you get over several temptations to go grab another cup, get on to the 1BX to fulfill all that desire for more sugar.

5:00 p.m. — Fraiche

Located on Fillmore Street, this store offers organic frozen yogurt for all of you who were searching for such a spot. Grab one of their distinctive original flavors and top it with their impressive toppings, from coconut flakes to some chewy marshmallows. Get on to your last bus and take the 24 down to one final stop.

7:00 p.m. — Easy Breezy

Make sure you try one of their new flavors, ranging from mango lassi to red velvet and lose yourself in a new reality. Ending your tour would be perfect right here as you rest in their homey atmosphere, right before boarding BART back to Berkeley.

9:00 p.m — Yogurtland 

Did you really expect your day to end without some more of our very own fro-yo in town? Walk down the street to end up at Yogurtland on Shattuck Avenue. Go all out at this self-serve shop with flavors such as blueberry tart and lychee tart. They have an impressive collection of fruit that you can add to your yogurt to keep it on the lighter side.

11:30 p.m — Yogurt Park 

If you’re already feeling nostalgic about your sugary day today and could do with just one more tiny little midnight snack, head down to Yogurt Park on Durant Avenue and try one of their daily flavors that range from pomegranate to Thin Mint. They’ll even mix in your toppings, like cookie dough or peanut butter cups.

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