How to get over the blues

Kore Chan/Senior Staff

We’re about to enter the fourth week of the spring semester at UC Berkeley. As we at the Clog sit on benches and observe the diverse student culture, we’ve noticed something that seems to unite us all — everyone seems to have been hit by the blues. We’re here to help you come to terms with these blues and rise above them.

Do you have the blues?

  1. Do you find yourself coming up with excuses for why it’s okay to skip your classes?
  2. Do you look at your textbooks and think to yourself, “Meh, I’ll read those later,” and then never get back to them?
  3. Do you have to search for a writing instrument at least once a day?
  4. Has your committment to organization the first week turned into a fourth-week paper catastrophe?
  5. Do you find it difficult to get yourself out of bed, even when the weather’s nice?

If you’ve responded yes to two or more of the above questions, we’re sorry to tell you that you have the blues. Read on to discover the secrets to conquering this lethargic affliction. Read on to save yourself and your GPA.

Treat yo’ self with food.

Kayla Baskevitch/File

Kayla Baskevitch/File

That’s right, the first step toward getting over your school boredom is to go out and remind yourself that there’s a world that exists off campus. Whether you grab some fro-yo or wait in line for 20 minutes at Chipotle, you’re actively taking yourself out. And you deserve it! You got into UC Berkeley, dammit, and that counts for something. Sometimes you just have to leave campus to reinvigorate your life.

Participate in class.

Brian Ly/File

Brian Ly/File

We know this is more easily said than done. Not everyone is a front row type of student. But when push comes to shove, there’s a reason that type of student is so active. They’re paying attention. So instead of studying the backs of the heads of all the students in front of you, set a goal of raising your hand or participating in whatever way is relevant at least once per class. That way, at least your professor will think you care.

Try a new note-taking style.

Nobody likes change, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace it when it happens and understand that it’s necessary. You only have a limited amount of time on this blue and gold planet, and one of the first mistakes any self-respecting student makes is assuming they know everything there is to know about note-taking. Everyone has a different style, but as the weeks pass, taking diligent notes is often hard to do. Switch up your note-taking game, and maybe it’ll help you stay interested during that guest lecture.

Treat yo’ self with entertainment.


That’s right, treating your self is so important, we’ve included it twice. The first treat yo’ self centered around getting out and about and feeding yourself. Well, there are many ways to treat yo’ self, and this little bit of advice is focused on at-home care. Make yourself a happy times playlist. Include all the songs that make you happy or laugh and play it whenever you’re feeling blue or like you don’t want to go to class. You can also start a new show on Netflix. Take the time to give yourself at least 30 minutes out of the day when you are focusing solely on yourself. After all, you’re the only one who’s guaranteed to treat you, so go out and do it.

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