A Valentine’s Day for everyone

Rachel Feder/Senior Staff

Valentine’s Day can be a hard time for those of us without a bae, but it can be equally as difficult to treat yo’ bae without breaking the bank. We at the Clog want to help you have the best, most magical Valentine’s Day regardless of your romantic situation.

For all the single lords and ladies, it seems that you have two options here: You can either fully embrace and celebrate being single or wallow in your room eating Girl Scout cookies. If you’re loving the single life, rally up all your single friends and have a V-Day party. Potential themes include “Pity Party,” wherein you provide snacks such as chocolate and cookies and everyone comes in sweats and pajamas, or “We are never ever getting back together,” for which you play only angsty breakup songs and everybody dresses like they know they’re going to run into their ex. If you’re looking for something more relaxed, you can put on a Galentine’s or Palentine’s party and celebrate friend love.

If you’re getting over a breakup or are just sick of being single you might feel like laying low and enjoying some much needed me-time. Grab a scented candle, some snacks (goat cheese and crackers anyone?), your favorite medicinal beverage and snuggle up to watch “Notting Hill,” “Pretty in Pink,” or “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” all of which show how hard love is and that it’s okay to be on your own. But these movies still remind us that romance is possible for everyone, even Bridget Jones. Alternatively, if you’re trying to forget about someone and take your mind off the tragic romance that is your life for a night, Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix original series, “Chelsea Does,” will have you crying for a very different reason than you have been. Celebrating and actualizing self-love is just as important as, if not more than, romantic love. So spend a day remembering why you’re awesome and how fun it is to be alone.

It can be just as hard to have a significant other on Valentine’s Day as to not. Trying to find the perfect gift and creating a special day on a student’s budget is rough. This year, why not opt to make something meaningful and thoughtful, whether it be their favorite food or a picture frame with a cute pic of the two of you, rather than buy into the V-Day commercial complex? Make the holiday about love rather than teddy bears and singing cards. If you know they have a paper or midterm coming up, make a care package with their favorite snacks, Emergen-C, tea and other things they love. This will show how much you know about them and think about them, while allowing you to stay on budget.

Now that you’ve got the present taken care of, you’ll need to think up the perfect date. Taking a hike and making a picnic courtesy of Trader Joe’s is a romantic and thrifty way to show your SO you love spending time with them. Make a scavenger hunt that takes them to places in Berkeley that are meaningful to your relationship, such as the place you first kissed or the place you had your first date. A night in can mean just as much as a fancy dinner at Chez Panisse, even if you just get their favorite takeout from Asian Ghetto and start a new television show together.

Valentine’s Day should be about all kinds of love, so think about what’s lacking in your life — if you need some alone time, if you just want to kick back with some pals or create a decadently romantic evening, let’s all try to get inspired and feel the love again this Sunday.