How to have a memorable Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day) is just around the corner, but before any of you ladies get tied down to your significant other on the 14th, spend Galentine’s Day, February 13th, appreciating all the lovely women in your life. What exactly is this hallowed holiday? It’s a day where you spend time hanging out with your best female friends — just like you always do. Thank you Leslie Knope!

Pick the best music.

We at the Clog have created a Galentine’s Day playlist to help you truly appreciate your female friends. Why do you need a playlist to appreciate your friends, you may ask? It’s to coordinate everyone’s energy into a common goal — having the best day ever. This playlist has been specifically designed to play feminist songs from the best female artists that the music industry has to offer. With this playlist, you get to feel like a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man. All you need are your gals.

Brunch it up!

Take your girls out to somewhere fancy, such as La Note Restaurant Provencal. There, you can immerse yourself in an “authentic Provencal restaurant” and enjoy traditional French breakfast and bistro cuisine. La Note has some of the best French toast on College Avenue, and its orange, grapefruit or raspberry mimosas are sure to get your day started on a good note. La Note may be a bit pricey for the starving college student, but sometimes you’ve gotta treat yo’self!

Picnic on Indian Rock.

If La Note’s prices have you feeling brunch shy, band together with your ladies and create a picnic brunch. From the top of Indian Rock, you can survey the beautiful bay and talk about how much better this day is compared to any other date. We at the Clog recommend that you bring easy-to-make, transportable foods such as finger sandwiches, fruit and whatever the hell you actually want to eat. Girl, it’s Galentine’s Day, so you deserve to not worry about those calories for at least one more day.

Thank the Goddess Leslie Knope.

Leslie Knope may be a fictional character, but her influence on women everywhere must never be forgotten. She loved her female friends so much that she created personalized gifts to give each and every one of them. She showered all her friends with compliments, letting them know that they always had a friend to lean on. Be like Leslie Knope this Galentine’s Day, and everyday for that matter.

Don’t forget your gifts

Gift-giving is a major part of Galentine’s Day tradition, but these can’t be any slacking birthday or Christmas gifts. Oh no, these gifts must be well-thought-out and pertain to the unique friendship you have with the other person. Put away any ideas such as gift cards and scented candles, and think outside the box. The sloth pillow you’ll end up getting instead will speak to your friend on a deeper level.

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