Sex Issue 2016: Editor’s Note

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You probably remember the first time you got the “birds and the bees” speech. Your parents clumsily navigated the topic of safe sex, and maybe they unraveled a condom onto a banana. The conversation was extremely awkward.

Yes, you were young back then. But now you’re in college, and conversations about sex are still extremely awkward. We still giggle like little kids at the mention of spanking, or whipping, or fluffy handcuffs.

We at The Daily Californian don’t think that’s how it should be. After all, sex is such a natural part of our lives. Our quirks and kinks can translate into something beautiful.

This issue is a celebration of bodies, of connection, of identity and of the clear, ecstatic “yes!” to the sex you want to have. And no one should stop you from giving that “yes!”

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