Quiz: Which on-campus Peet’s is this?

Taylor Follett/Staff
Taylor Follett/Staff

Have you ever showed up to a Peet’s Coffee location with a Peet’s from a different location? We at the Clog are definitely guilty, though it’s easy to do because of the plethora of Peet’s on our campus. To test if you’re a true connoisseur of UC Berkeley coffee shops, ask yourself this: Can you identify the on-campus Peet’s by a picture of a small portion of the shop?



Taylor Follett/Staff

a. Pat Brown’s

b. The Pro Shop

c. Golden Bear Cafe

d. The Den



Taylor Follett/Staff

a. GBC

b. Common Grounds

c. Terrace Cafe

d. Qualcomm Cafe



Taylor Follett/Staff

a. Qualcomm Cafe

b. Ramona’s

c. Common Grounds

d. Pat Brown’s



Taylor Follett/Staff

a. The Den

b. GBC

c. The Pro Shop

d. Terrace Cafe



Taylor Follett/Staff

a. Ramona’s

b. Qualcomm Cafe

c. The Den

d. Common Grounds



Taylor Follett/Staff

a. Terrace Cafe

b. GBC

c. Pat Brown’s

d. Qualcomm Cafe



Taylor Follett/Staff

a. The Pro Shop

b. Common Grounds

c. Ramona’s

d. GBC


  1. B — The Pro Shop
  2. C — Golden Bear Cafe
  3. C — Common Grounds
  4. A — The Den
  5. C — The Den
  6. D — Qualcomm Cafe
  7. D — Golden Bear Cafe


If you got 0-2 correct, you’re a campus coffee novice. You may go to the GBC religiously, but you’ve never made the trek to Pat Brown’s, and you have no clue where the Pro Shop is. (Hint: It’s in the RSF and it only serves ready-made hot coffee from Peet’s.) This is fine, until a GSI wants to meet you in Common Grounds and you have to ask if that’s on campus or not. Next time you have the opportunity, head to the third floor of Dwinelle instead of the more obvious GBC.

If you got 3-5 correct, you’re a campus coffee enthusiast. You’ve probably been to each of these places once or twice and have a couple favorites. You know which places only serve hot coffee and which have the full menu, and you probably also have a pretty good idea of the various food options. Basically, you’ve got it on lock!

If you got 6-7 correct, you’re a campus coffee expert. You know the exact walking time to the nearest coffee shop, no matter where you are on campus. You probably visit a minimum of two different campus coffee places a day, and that’s where you spend all your meal points or Cal 1 Card money. To be entirely honest, you drink more caffeine than is strictly healthy. You keep telling yourself that you’ll cut back — until you have 15 minutes before class and walk by Peet’s again, that is.

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