Resources to kick-start apartment hunting

Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

The season that’s more stressful than cramming for your midterm in less than 24 hours has come back around. Apartment hunting is a pain, but unless you want to be homeless for the following semester, it’s an inevitable must. We at the Clog have decided to put together a list of resources to aid you in finding shelter in the most efficient manner.



Right away, when you type the city in which you are looking to rent into the search box, the results of the search will pop up on the right with all the for-rent apartments in the area. Zillow is a preferred resource because each purple dot, even from a quick glance, allows you to see the available locations with their estimated prices. This gives you the ability to look at the options in front of you and quickly narrow down your choices. The site even specifies how many units are available in certain buildings. How generous of it.



Another similar website is Padmapper, and in place of the purple dots are red Google drop pins that pinpoint on Google Maps where there are open apartments for rent. The greatest advantages to using Padmapper are the options to filter for the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, the specified range of rent and the different types of rent available (house, room, subletting or renting the entire apartment). The benefit to using a couple of websites when apartment searching is that each separate website (due to each one’s limits) isn’t able to feature all the open apartments in the area, thus using multiple sites will broaden your available options.



Believe it or not, some of the more high-quality apartments can be found on Craigslist. Yes, this website isn’t only for people trying to get rid of their old furniture and other “goods.” Similar to Padmapper, Craigslist has a list of filters on the left side of the page for you to go through. When you find a listing you like, clicking on it will guide you to a page of more details and photos of the apartment.  There’s usually contact information and open house dates as well. Craigslist is definitely the place to be continuously checking for new leasings daily.


free and for sale

If you haven’t yet joined the Free & For Sale page or the Housing page on Facebook, now is the time to come out of your social media shell and integrate yourself. These open groups on Facebook aren’t only useful for house hunting, but they also come in handy for many other important occasions throughout your college career. Through these groups, you’re able to contact other students directly who are either subletting or informing the public about their apartments for rent. The upside of this is that you’re also able to post your own requests (including looking for roommates), and if others have similar preferences, they can hit you up. Symbiosis at its finest.

Graduating seniors

Graduation 2012

This seemingly obvious resource is also the most easily forgotten. In many  cases, seniors who are moving away can simply recommend you to their landlords, making it easier for you to attain the desired place. Aside from that, seniors also have accumulated much advice on how this housing process works. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them for any questions at all, and take advantage of them before they graduate from college and move on with their lives.  

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