Quiz: Have you lost it yet?

Katie Jocelyn/Staff

Midterms are here, the deadline for your first big paper is quickly approaching and the responsibilities you thought you had a handle on are slowly but surely slipping through your fingers. You must ask yourself: Have you lost your mind yet? We at the Clog prepared a quiz so that you can find out if your marbles are definitely gone, if only a couple screws are loose or if you’ve cracked for good.

  1. How many hours do you spend on homework a day?
    1. Probably around four or five — more if I have an upcoming paper.
    2.  Like 10 hours per day.
    3. A better question is how many hours do I spend NOT doing homework? (The answer is none.)
  2. How many units are you taking?
    1. 13-15.
    2. 16-18.
    3. 19 or more.
  3. How many hours do you sleep a night on average?
    1. Seven to 10, depending on my workload.
    2. Five or six, if I’m lucky.
    3. I haven’t slept in 17 years.
  4. How many caffeinated beverages have you had today?
    1. I don’t really drink caffeine that much?
    2. Two or three — I try not to go crazy with caffeine.
    3. Seven and counting.
  5. Have you had your first midterm or big paper yet?
    1. It’s coming up pretty soon now.
    2. Yeah, just finished it.
    3. Yes, and my second, and my third. My fourth is tomorrow.
  6. Have you started laughing uncontrollably any time in the past couple days?
    1. No, do people actually do that?
    2. Yeah, but my friend said something funny.
    3. Yep. Uncontrollably and meaninglessly.
  7. Have you started crying at any point today?
    1. Seriously? No.
    2. I mean, no, but wait until three hours before my midterm.
    3. I’m crying right now.

Mostly ones: Congratulations, you have not lost it yet. You may even have a few more weeks of sanity before everything crumbles — enjoy it while you can.

Mostly twos: You are slowly but surely losing it. You have a day or so of semi-sanity. Hold on to it, because once it slips away, you won’t get it back until the end of the term.

Mostly threes: You have completely lost it. Are you sure you ever had it? Please close this page, take a deep breath, drink some water and sleep for 10 hours. Your work will be better for it and you might even regain some sanity.


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