How to balance a part time job with school

Willow Yang/Staff

Spring semester is often notorious for its tendency to make students increase their workload, both academically and otherwise. After settling into individual grooves over fall semester, many of us tend to take on more to balance over the next semester and sometimes, it can get too overwhelming. For those of you who are juggling school and a part time job or who just need a few words to restart productivity, here’s a list of practices you can do to find your zen.

Calendarize and prioritize

We all have the same number of hours as the most successful people we know, and we’re all equally capable of turning into the best versions of ourselves within this limited time. Put everything you have on a calendar, not to stress yourself further, but to do just the opposite. Every hour you have unfilled, every minute you have without a shade of color or a reminder to run to work is precious time to do anything you wish to — it’s in your control. Make a priority list while you’re at it, using the Eisenhower box. Categorize all your work into each of the four boxes based on importance and urgency. You’ll be surprised to see how much this little categorization can help you in the long run.

Be time efficient

Although it may seem like you can’t control the pace of time, you have the power to decide what you can do with your time. Use that to your own advantage. If your place of work is in San Francisco, use that BART ride to catch up on that reading you’ve been putting off. If you’re doing paperwork, listen to the audio of your lectures to prep for your midterm or catch up on some Khan Academy. Or procrastinate at double efficiency — watch your daily dose of Netflix or catch up on that Skype call while eating a prolonged dinner.

Take advantage of the Recreational Sports Facility

A chunk of our cumulative tuition is going toward maintaining the RSF we have on campus, so make sure you’re utilizing that unlimited free pass you have for four whole years. Find your peace by taking a class of Sunrise Yoga, or go crazy and try Kickboxing Conditioning. We all know exercise helps relieve stress, and results really do show when you take that knowledge and turn it into action.

Remember why you’re here in the first place

When you’re being seriously introspective and heading into a downward spiral, or when you feel like there isn’t a point to trying so hard anymore, remember why you started in the first place. Whether it was for money, gaining experience or just exploring what you have out there, you have an additional opportunity to take a sneak peak into the real world. What could be more rewarding than having the ability to be a wallflower, observe and learn? And for when you’re feeling low, tell yourself that you’re your own superhero and you can do anything if you had to. Of course, it’s going to be hard — but you can do it. And when you do, you’ll be prouder than ever before.

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