Portfolio: Laverne Cox says justice is love

William Pan/Staff

A poem inspired by Laverne Cox’s visit to UC Berkeley in December of 2015.


Laverne Cox says Justice is Love in Public Spaces but



you walk the well-lit path

to take the long way home

under empty street lamps,


street shops, empty fluorescent spot

lights blinking for no one else,

you cannot peel the eyes off your head,


appeal what day dress decisions sound sound

by night might do you in,

not justice, not love, not


knowing if a walk is your last,

counting every minute until home, clocked,

eyes locked into looking,


body already layered beneath black,

still jutting strangers into staring back,

pressing, until you are a question,


and the wrong answer,

always too loose or too tight, always

your ill-fit against the fitting,


too large for sidewalks,

too small for yourself,


shedding light until you are only

shedding skin until you are

        walking in my public spaces.


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