UCPD arrests 2 suspects for burglary Thursday night

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UCPD arrested the two suspects for burglary Thursday night, after police found stolen campus items in their car.

UCPD received a report Thursday at 11:36 p.m. of two suspicious male individuals inside Campbell Hall after hours from a university employee, according to a UCPD crime alert. After the report, officers arrived and detained the two suspects, the alert stated.

A police search revealed one of the suspects was in possession of burglary tools, according to the report. After a search of the suspects’ vehicle — parked outside Campbell Hall — UCPD discovered stolen items from Campbell Hall, as well as items reported stolen from UC Irvine, according to the report.

The suspects are two white males, 36-year-old Bradley Vincent and 27-year-old Jared Starkweather.

UCPD would like to commend Howard Isaacson, the UC employee who reported the incident, for his assistance in arresting these suspects of burglary.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact the criminal investigation bureau at 510-642-0472.

Check back for updates. 

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