Good friend gets much drunker friend home without anything bad happening

Raeline Valbuena/Staff

Sources have confirmed that, while returning from a night out, undergraduate student Dorian Massif had been an exceptionally good friend. Massif walked student Irene Korwena, two years his junior, home last Tuesday night. The two were last seen together on the corner of Warring Street and Channing Way leaving a Good vs. Evil party. Massif reportedly had his arm supporting the inebriated Korwena, refusing to let her run circles around the middle of the the Channing traffic circle or eat the pancakes a benevolent campus club had distributed off the ground.

“Irene definitely went too far with too many rounds of flip-cup and pickle-back shots, but Dorian was a great guy and brought her cups of water all night,” said Korwena’s longtime friend Hagen Bleu. Other sources from the party have indicated that Massif did not in fact let Korwena text her various exes, nor did he ask her to play just one more round of rage cage. “He wasn’t even slightly annoyed when Irene ran up to hug him and spilled blue jungle juice on his new Nike Airs,” continues Bleu.

Camera footage from the Northside night safety shuttle shows the two boarding the bus around 1:21 a.m. The video reveals an inebriated Korwena boisterously singing a rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream,” although Massif appears to have twirled her into a seat and successfully quieted her performance. The two are seen exiting the vehicle at the Foothill residence hall stop. The bus driver claims that it was unusual for him to encounter a “hecka nice man” such as Massif at this hour of the night.

Sources later reported that Massif’s messages to Korwena the next morning did not remind her of everything she did the previous night, and instead simply inquired if Korwena was feeling better. Her roommates have confirmed that he came over the next morning to return a newly washed jacket and offer her a can of 7-Up to speed her recovery.

“We’re in the same service club, so I only try to give her the best kind of service a man can give,” said Massif, during an interview yesterday afternoon. “I actually hope this type of behavior becomes normal in the future.”

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