Quiz: What kind of study snack are you?

Irene Chen/Staff

Amid midterms, we’re all stuffing our faces with our favorite study snack. We at the Clog thought you might want to know what the best study snack for you is based on your study habits. So find out and munch away!

  1. What library do you study in?
    1. Wurster Hall
    2. North Reading Room
    3. Doe Library
    4. Moffitt
    5. Main Stacks
  2. How late do you study?
    1. I study until 9:30 p.m., then go for a run and get to bed early. You have to stay healthy to do well on exams.
    2. I study until 11 p.m. then go straight to bed and pass out. I have to get a good night’s sleep.
    3. Study until 10 p.m. then go out with my friends after — girls and boys just wanna have fun.
    4. I usually study until like 1 a.m. I’m a night owl.
    5. I go to the early hours, y’all. I’ve actually slept the night in Main Stacks before.
  3. When do you usually start studying for a midterm?
    1. Two weeks before
    2. One week before
    3. Three days before
    4. One day before
    5. Typically eight to 10 hours before. I’m a crammer.
  4. Where’s your favorite cafe to study at in Berkeley?
    1. Caffe Strada
    2. Cafe Milano
    3. Philz Coffee
    4. Peet’s Coffee
    5. Sack’s Coffee House
  5. What’s the best stress relief from school?
    1. A nice, brisk run
    2. Yoga class
    3. Settling down for a relaxing Netflix session
    4. Getting some damn good pizza and going to town
    5. Ratchet night out with my friends
  6. What’s your hardest class?
    1. Computer Science 61B: Data Structures
    2. Chemistry 3A: Chemical Structure and Reactivity
    3. Political Science 112C: History of Modern Political Theory
    4. English 130B: American Literature, 1800-1865
    5. Media Studies 104A: Freedom of Speech and the Press
  7. How well are you going to do on your midterms?
    1. I think they’re going to go well! I studied really hard; I just hope it pays off.
    2. I’m nervous, but I studied a decent amount so I feel prepared.
    3. I think I’ll do alright, but I’m sweating just at the thought of sitting down for Biology 1B.
    4. I’ve lost a lot of sleep and I probably should have studied more, but Jesus gotta take the wheel at this point.
    5. I’m f*cked.
    1. You love acai bowls. And why wouldn’t you? They’re packed with nutrients and are probably contributing to your paleo diet. Your way of life includes staying healthy, fit and sound of mind at all times. You can often be found running down College Avenue at a pace that makes people wonder whether you can keep it up, but you can. You go, superfruit!
    2. You’re munching on some almonds and apples. You understand the importance of eating brain food for learning and studying. You probably drink a lot of smoothies and go to yoga classes three times a week. Even though almonds are the second worst nut (I’m looking at you, Brazil nut), they do pack a nutritious punch!
    3. You can be seen slipping clandestine cookies and chips from your bag to your mouth in Main Stacks or Doe. You take studying very seriously, but you know how to have fun, as well. Who needs healthy snacks when you could have salt and vinegar chips or chocolate chip cookies?
    4. You can be seen night after night trudging to Crossroads at 1 a.m. for a steaming plate of chili cheese fries after hours of studying (read: procrastinating). Late Night is perfect — there’s ample variety, you can use meal points (or befriend someone who has them) and there are chocolate chip pancakes.
    5. You’re straight up just trying to get through midterms season alive, so you chug that Red Bull and then chug right on with that study guide. Good luck cramming, and Godspeed to you.

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