If Pokemon roamed UC Berkeley

With Nintendo planning to release another set of Pokemon games, Sun and Moon, memories of Gameboys, trading cards and Ash Ketchum have reawakened our love for all things Pokemon. Every Pokemon fan has probably imagined what the world would be like if training and befriending Pokemon were actually possible. You’ve always wanted to be the very best that no one ever was and understand the power that’s inside each Pokemon. Instead of searching far and wide, we at the Clog share what life would be like if some your favorite Pokemon existed on campus.

Squirtle Squad

Welcome to the first UC Berkeley squirrel war. You’d probably find the Squirtle Squad defending their territory and picking fights with the native squirrel population. This water type Pokemon may be tiny, but the power of their water gun is clearly too much for even our vicious squirrels to handle. These Pokemon would probably be seen strutting their stuff with their signature sunglasses and bushy tails. In their free time, the Squirtle Squad would be volunteering as firefighters for the Berkeley Fire Department or lounging by the pool at RSF.


The duck face and air of confusion surrounding this Pokemon are reminiscent of freshmen in their first semester.  This free spirit refuses to stay in its Pokeball and likes to wander off in Strawberry Creek. Clutching its head like the next academic apacolyspe is about to arrive, Psyduck’s constant headaches are no match for midterm season. But this goof is always there for some good comic relief and would unknowingly stumble straight into the middle of a packed lecture hall.


If you start to hear explosions and see people with frizzy hair, look no further. Not exactly known for a having a gentle temperament, Pikachu would most likely be running around using thunderbolt to battle EECS majors throughout campus. Always on the quest to grow stronger, defeat new enemies and prove himself to the world, it’s no surprise that Pikachu would surround himself with the likes of UC Berkeley students. His goal would be to earn the Hearst Gym badge and defeat Gym Leader Dirks. But don’t even think about capturing Pikachu or else he’ll associate you with Team Rocket, whose headquarters would be at Stanford University.


Jigglypuff is a huge diva. You’d most likely see this Pokemon singing at Zellerbach Hall or trying to outshine the a capella groups by Sather Gate. Looking for a DJ for your next weekend bash? Steer clear of Jigglypuff. This Pokemon’s legendary singing is sure to put you to sleep. Resist the urge or else you’ll find marker drawn all over your face. This cute and cuddly Pokemon is a singing bomb waiting to explode. For those of you coming back next semester, you’d probably find Jigglypuff auditioning for the Berkeley’s star singing competition.


It would be hard to miss this ginormous Pokemon lazing the day away at Memorial Glade. Snorlax would only go to class once a week, and it’d probably be the introduction to baking DeCal. Snorlax would show up not to learn how to cook but to eat everyone else’s pastries. You’d also find Snorlax gobbling everything in sight at Golden Bear Cafe or Crossroads, but never Foothill because the climb would be too much. All the napping pods in Eshleman Hall would be squashed because Snorlax would try to squeeze itself inside.

Team Rocket

Meowth would be like that one kid who sits in the back of the class that never shuts up. When he’s not studying psychology in order to be a better evil nemesis, he’s scheming ways to capture Pikachu around campus. Wherever Meowth is, Jesse and James are never far behind. You may be able to spot this trio hiding in the bushes and trees near VLSB trying to pin Pikachu down. Jesse and James would join the drama department to improve their stealth and ability to disguise.

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