UC Berkeley freshman Grant Laut balances music, modeling

Campus Spotlight

Rachael Garner/Senior Staff

When looking for a UC Berkeley student who produces his own music, models and makes time for a wide range of extracurriculars, only one name comes to mind. Grant Laut, who utilizes the electric guitar to produce original tunes, partakes in shoots with Cast Images and works diligently on his studies, is seizing the spotlight one dream at a time. From initially producing music in his brother’s closet to learning how to professionally record music, Laut envelops students with his unique charisma while portraying the advantages that come with a life of balance.

Originally from Ohio, Laut, a triplet, has always been into music — picking up the guitar in sixth grade and starting a school band with his brother, Austin Laut, in high school led them to make music of their own. Last summer, the duo recorded a song called “Trippin” which now appears on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. But that is not all. Laut took up modeling in fifth grade and has done shoots for Playstation and many companies since. A freshman at UC Berkeley, Grant manages to balance his academics and modeling in the midst of creating completely original music when he is with his brother.

“Breaks are the easiest time to work on music because we are together,” said Laut. “Right now, I record in my dorm and then I send the pieces that I get to him and he will sing and do whatever he feels he likes and he will send it to me. Or maybe he will start with something he likes and send it to me and I will add on. It is a collaboration over email.”

On campus, Grant is a consultant on the strategy team for the Undergraduate Marketing Association, or UMA, while continuing his second semester in Sigma Chi, a social fraternity. Yet, despite his busy schedule, he manages to keep up with his pre-Haas workload and commute to San Francisco on BART for modeling auditions and jobs.

“Last semester I did a shoot for Muscle Milk,” said Laut. “We were up on this basketball court and they just tossed us some basketballs and they sent Steph Curry out so we played with him. We played Knockout we lost. He won. And we just played some dribbling games.”

Despite all of his achievements, Laut constantly makes education his first priority. He credits the back and forth competition between him and his brother in helping him constantly strive to do more. With him playing the electric guitar and Austin the bass guitar, the two switch off singing in and out of the tunes.

“My brother and I were always competing, so I was always trying to get better grades than him and he was trying to beat me so I have always wanted to do well in school,” he said. “In high school, (modeling) is not a stable career where you know you are going to get a job every week. I was not relying enough on getting a job consistently, so I figured I should have an education and do big things with that. But if modeling happens, that would be awesome.”

At the moment, Laut is taking everything one step at a time. Being a freshman, his career is still undecided, but he hopes to continue modeling when the opportunities come and to produce music during his spare time when he and his brother are in touch. Taking up snowboarding and lifeguarding during his spare time, he manages to do it all. Of course, with a hectic lifestyle comes an active lifestyle, but Laut undertakes the challenge while singlehandedly sending one message: Balance is key.

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