Another Democratic debate drinking game

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With election season well underway,  it’s about time we really started paying attention to the two people who’ve got a shot against Donald Trump. The next democratic debate is set to air on CNN, Univision and Fusion at 9 p.m. EST today, and things are looking to get pretty intense on the crowded stage with Hillary, Bernie and the studio’s green screen. What better way to celebrate nearing the end of debate season than with a drinking game?

Before we get started, if you own a T-shirt or pin advocating either of the candidates, take a sip of your drink (alcoholic or otherwise) for each item you own and another for each item you’re wearing.

Now, let’s really begin. Have fun, stay informed, be safe and go Bears.

The Game:

Take a sip of your drink of choice if and when a candidate:

  • Mentions millennials
  • Doesn’t answer a question
  • Shouts over anyone
  • Appeals to a minority vote
  • Calls the other a figurehead or a socialist
  • Makes you realize they’re older than your parents
  • Is wearing a combination of red, white and blue on-screen

Take a shot if and when:

  • Abortion is finally a topic of discussion
  • Someone brings up ISIS
  • An audience member asks a question about religion or religious beliefs
  • You tear up realizing how much you’ll miss Obama

Shotgun a beer if and when:

  • Candidates discuss gun control
  • Candidates disagree on gun control

The pitcher:

Add anything drinkable or edible to the pitcher if:

  • Anyone refers to the GOP debates as “a circus” or discusses the mental health of the Republican candidates
  • Anyone claims they will be America’s best shot against Trump

Someone must drink the pitcher if:

  • They say anything about still wishing Biden had entered the race
  • Any player can claim to have heard the player in question say “Trump”
Annie Chang/File

Annie Chang/File

Candidate specific drinks:

Hillary Clinton: Take a sip of wine every time Hillary does or aggressively hints at any of these things:

  • Relates to women
  • Refuses to talk about the 1990s
  • Laughs
  • Compares herself to Obama
  • “Everyone should love me”

Bernie Sanders: Take a sip of scotch every time Bernie does or announces any of these things:

  • Brings up Wall Street
  • Rags on Henry Kissinger
  • Points at someone, or no one
  • Emphasizes every word and syllable with his hands
  • “Excuse me” and/or “I’m talking here”

Drink a glass of water or juice if:

  • You ever find yourself thinking, “Trump would’ve answered that better”

Bonus round:

Rewatch the debate, but this time watch Univision’s Spanish version. All the same rules apply, except all beers are margaritas and all shots are tequila.

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