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MARCH 10, 2016

With candidates dropping left and right (but more right), now’s the time to tune into the GOP debate to catch up with the front-runners on this season of “America’s Got a Candidate.” The next GOP debate is set to air this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. CST on CNN. With only a couple more to go, let’s toast all the highs and lows we’ve had with these men before one gets sent off to the general election with a drinking game.

As a warm-up, take a sip of your drink (alcoholic or otherwise) if you can’t name more than five candidates who have withdrawn from the race. Anyone who can’t name all the candidates still in the race by first and last name has to take a sip, too. Also, anyone who can name any of Trump’s current or ex-wives earns a Trump card. This person is a “winner,” and now has to drink twice every time they drink.

Now, let’s really begin. Have fun, be informed, stay safe and go Bears.

The game:

Take a sip of your drink of choice if and when:

  • The audience claps for Trump
  • A candidate addresses a female mediator by her first name
  • Anyone opposes gay marriage
  • Someone defends the size of their family jewels
  • Trump interrupts
  • Someone scoffs at Common Core
  • Cruz looks pleadingly into the camera
  • Someone pronounces Kasich wrong
  • Trump seems a little more orange

Take a shot if, at anytime:

  • Someone withdraws
  • The camera angle cuts out Rubio or Kasich
  • You suddenly feel the urge to renew your passport or visa
  • Trump declares that he’s now running as an independent candidate because he can do what he wants

Anytime a candidate says:

  • “Reagan” — Give a friend a drink
  • “guns” — Shotgun a beer
  • “capitalism” — Take back a “Reagan” drink and chug it
Josh Escobar/File
Josh Escobar/File

Candidate specific:

Take a sip of the designated drink if and when each candidate:

Donald Trump — brandy

  • Mocks another candidate
  • Reminds you of a meme
  • Wants to stop Muslim immigration

John Kasich – rum

  • Smiles
  • Says something moderate about abortion
  • Changes the subject to something he can talk about

Marco Rubio – whiskey

  • Scares you
  • Chuckles as a viable answer
  • Tries to relate to the general public

Ted Cruz – Cognac

  • Looks like he may cry
  • Reminds you of the Zodiac killer
  • Supports the military or the Second Amendment

Drink a glass of water or juice if and when:

  • 10 minutes elapse without someone mentioning a wall on the border

Bonus round: 

  • Mix a drink for every foreign country you can remember being discussed during the debate. Drink one for every country that was viewed as a terrorist or economic threat.

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MARCH 09, 2016