ASUC Senate passes motion to reintroduce bill supporting ban of latex products

Suyang Lu/File

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The ASUC Senate passed a motion to reintroduce a bill in support of a campuswide ban on the use of latex products for amendments after ASUC President Yordanos Defen issued a presidential veto last Wednesday.

The bill, originally approved unanimously at an ASUC Senate meeting March 2, urged campus facilities — such as the Tang Center, Cal Dining Services and the science departments — to not use latex balloons, rubber bands and gloves for any activities on campus.

After a lengthy discussion Wednesday night during the meeting, the ASUC Senate passed a unanimous motion to bring the bill back to the Governance and Internal Affairs Committee for amendments in order to send the bill back to the senate floor for another round of voting.

“Latex, balloons and rubber bands are extremely harmful to students, staff and visitors with severe latex allergies who are near or come into contact with these products,” said Andre Luu, Student Action senator and primary sponsor of the bill, in an email. “President Dejen’s veto unfortunately dismissed the necessary accommodations for students who have severe latex allergies.”

One of the main concerns voiced by the ASUC Senate was Dejen’s statement that the bill did not include latex contraceptives which, according to Dejen, “leaves out a large cause of potential harm to students with latex allergies.”

Many ASUC senators voiced their disapproval of the bill due to Dejen’s statement, stating that students should have the option of choosing their own effective form of contraception. Luu reiterated in an email that, because of this, the original bill had not included a ban on latex contraceptives.

Additionally, during the meeting, the senate unanimously approved a bill that formalized the iClicker Rental Program under the ASUC Administrative office and the Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President.

The ASUC iClicker Rental Program was a pilot program launched by Karthik Prasad, Student Action senator and primary sponsor of the bill. As part of the program, his office provided 100 iClicker units for $5 each for the entire spring semester as a cost-saving measure for students.

“Even with minimal marketing, we saw 350+ student requests. So, there is huge student interest in this program,” Prasad said in an email. “Currently, I am working to secure $10,000 more from the Student Technology Fee Committee to increase our rental capacity to 300 iClicker units per semester.”

According to the resolution, the iClicker Rental Initiative allows students to rent a new iClicker for $5 — one-ninth of the cost of purchasing a new iClicker — and includes a $40 refundable security deposit upon successful return of the rented iClicker.

The elections office also sent out a public notice Thursday announcing four referenda that have been placed on the ASUC 2016 elections ballot. The referenda include the Constitutional Clarity and Consistency Amendment 2016, the Ink Initiative Student Fee, the Green Initiative Fund Fee Referendum and the Declaration of and Action to Mitigate the Student Housing Crisis Referendum.

Students will be able to vote on the referendums on April 4, 5 and 6.


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