Must-have items for spring break

Stephanie Toussaint/File


Whether you are getting ready to go home, flying to the Caribbean or staying at Berkeley during spring break, you need to be well-equipped and fully prepared for the days to come. Here are a few essential items that you should consider carrying with you wherever you go — or stay.


Dispose of your Prada high heels or Nike sneakers because this spring break you are going big. The first indispensable item on our list is a pair of neon-colored Crocs! Crocs are not only incredibly fashionable but also extremely cheap for how amazing they are. You can cop them for only 30 dollars on Amazon — that’s like five meals at Ramona’s! So worth!

A pet squirrel

You have to be very selective when choosing your pet squirrel. You must tame a specific species of squirrel that can only be found within the realms of the UC Berkeley campus. Rumors have it that these squirrels have magical powers that can boost your happiness and your GPA. They are also great snuggle buddies!

A life-size teddy bear

This is self-explanatory. You must have this item, especially if you’re travelling abroad. Forget about bringing spare clothing, cosmetics or electronics, because this spring break companion is all you need to enjoy your vacation. If you’re travelling by plane, it is advised to buy an extra ticket for your beloved bear. You wouldn’t want him to freeze in the storage area or suffocate in the overhead cabin.

A whisk

You need this as a defensive weapon in case you’re walking alone at night or get angry at your best friend and need to whack someone with it. Or, you can try your hand at baking.

A mason jar

A mason jar is extremely useful to have during spring break because you can use it to relive your childhood by catching crickets or making jam! Or do both simultaneously.

Banners of your top ASUC candidates

Last but not least, for all of you who are endorsing candidates, whether they’re your friend, your sorority sister, your club leader or your pet squirrel, you must carry banners of their faces with you during break in order to promote their candidacies to people who are not even allowed to vote! Show your banners to your parents, high school friends and even strangers on the street, for they will all be thoroughly impressed by your dedication to the campus and to your candidates!

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