Notes from our journals

Joshua Carlucci /File

Jan. 1 – Mana

It’s officially 2016 and a fresh beginning. Normally, the start of a new year would scare me, but it doesn’t anymore. Now it feels more exciting, as if I have so many opportunities and adventures coming my way.


Jan. 2 – Mana

I remember growing up with board games and hide and seek and Uno. Now, I see a child holding an iPad or a toddler knowing how to work an iPhone and it is not out of the ordinary. Funny how much of our lives revolve around technology nowadays.


Jan. 13 – Mana

There is something so pure and innocent about little children — how they remind you of a simpler time where everything was easy and happiness was a given.


Feb. 4 – Mana

The best type of busy is when I am constantly on the go and focusing on myself. Even though it can get overwhelming at times, I love it. Because that means I’m going after my dreams.


Feb. 14 – Mana

Sometimes we have to choose to find meaning in life — spending countless hours in the library studying for an exam or writing a paper isn’t for nothing if it’s heightening your education. You have to choose to think that what you do has meaning. Because it does.


Feb. 20 – Mana

The answers you are looking for can be found in the faces of strangers, in your own reflection, or in the eyes of someone you love.


Feb. 27 – Mana

I feel like people at times forget that love — the real kind — is still out there. It is, and it is worth waiting for.

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