Campus freshman James Bacon files as independent candidate for ASUC president

Phillip Downey/Senior Staff

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Campus freshman James Bacon has filed to run as an independent candidate for ASUC president in this spring’s ASUC elections.

Though his interactions with the ASUC have been limited, Bacon has found the ASUC to be largely inaccessible to students and described the institution as one that struggles with problems of transparency.

“No one knows what they what they do with money that comes from our tuition, which I view as a pretty glaring problem,” Bacon said.

Bacon hopes his status as a political “outsider” will be instrumental in changing the structure of the student government. By initiating reforms, Bacon hopes to see a change in the ASUC’s partisan formation, with the new system allowing for greater student participation.

In addition, there ought to be more accountability for ASUC members, Bacon said, who dislikes “policies that allow people to go wild with their small power.”

He maintained that though he is running to become president, he views the position as a temporary stepping stone until a new system of student government can be reached, after which he would withdraw from the office.

My main issue with the ASUC is that (it is) something we’ve just kind of devolved into, not something anything anybody wants,” Bacon said. “If I’m elected, by some miracle, that means enough people want sweeping change in the ASUC.”

The new structure of the ASUC would depend on the will of the student body, Bacon said. In order to determine this, Bacon said he plans to utilize frequent popular votes.

According to Bacon, unlike other candidates who will spend large sums of money on their campaigns, his campaign will be run on a tight budget.

“I spent $5 to register (for the campaign), that’s about it. … I might get some flyers,” Bacon added.

The 2016-2017 ASUC elections will take place April 4, 5 and 6.

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