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How to have avocados for all three meals

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MARCH 16, 2016

It’s very unlikely that anyone in Berkeley dislikes avocados. Squeal, “I hate guac!” and we’re sure you’ll get a couple of odd, puzzled looks from someone nearby. Now that you have some time on your hands, why not dedicate a day to this splendid little fruit? We at the Clog have picked out some refreshing avocado dishes for you to enjoy, so toss your usual run-of-the-mill burrito bowl aside.

Breakfast: Nutella and avocado nine-grain bagel at Noah’s Bagels

Nutella and avocado bagel
Heeral Shivnani/Staff

Before you accuse us of having lost our senses completely, we can guarantee you that this bagel is worth trying. Because chocolate and avocado brownies or milkshake are unheard of, it seems improbable that this bagel combination would be delicious  the bland, yet slightly salty, green fruit seems to counter the sweet Nutella. Let the world critique all it wants, but after one bite, no one can deny that the luscious nutty chocolate spread and mushy avocado go well together. This bagel can make you smile even on the coldest of Berkeley mornings, especially if you get it toasted. After all, the best days are the ones that begin with a little bit of craziness.

Lunch: Avocado crepe at Alfonso’s Cafe

Avocado and pesto crepe
Heeral Shivnani/Staff

This little spot along San Pablo Avenue is ideal for folks who have craved avocado and crepes at the same time, but always had to just choose one. Give the two a chance to meet at Alfonso’s Cafe, and dig into the savory and mildly sweet crepe filled with avocado, basil pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and Monterey Jack cheese.

Dinner: Avocado fresh rolls at Thai Noodle 2

Heeral Shivnani/Staff

Clearly, avocados do well in any type of cuisine, but we especially like this fresh vegetarian take on rice paper rolls at Thai Noodle 2 on Telegraph Avenue. The dish has 12 rolls filled mainly with green leaves, rice vermicelli noodles and avocado, with a peanut sauce on the side to nicely complement the rolls.

The best part is that the rice paper wrap is super thin, so when eating each roll, it feels as though you’re eating little parcels of salad. This will make you feel less guilty about that Nutella bagel and the cheesy crepe you had earlier in the day.

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APRIL 06, 2016