ASUC Senate passes bill urging University Health Services to implement medication abortion services

Suyang Lu/File

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The ASUC Senate passed two bills during Wednesday night’s regular meeting.

  • The first bill, Senate Resolution 59 establishes a committee dedicated to exploring issues facing transfer students and nontraditional communities.
    • Representatives from these communities, such as those served by the Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence, will sit on this ASUC committee to determine solutions to issues such as housing and food insecurity.
    • The committee will be overseen by the ASUC president.
    • The bill emphasizes a plan to permanently institutionalize the committee as an ASUC unit by the end of the 2016-17 academic year.
  • Senate Resolution 69 urges University Health Services to implement medication abortion services at the Tang Center.
    • The bill states that UC Berkeley students should have access to legal and safe medical abortions.
    • Aanchal Chugh, ASUC senator and primary sponsor of the bill, said in an email that the Tang Center staff has the ability and resources to provide these services.


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