Quiz: How should you waste your time over spring break?

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MARCH 18, 2016

You could spend some quality time with your family, finish those internship applications you’ve procrastinated on for months or get a head start on that paper or midterm due after break. But why would you do that when you could waste your time instead? We at the Clog have come up with many ways you could waste your spring break, so find out which one is most fit for you.


  1. What are your spring break plans?
    1. Going home and chillin’
    2. CABOOOO!
    3. Going on vacation with my fam
    4. Staying in Berk
  2. What do you usually do to procrastinate?
    1. Binge watch Netflix
    2. Party with my pals
    3. Check every social media site known to man
    4. Go to Yogurt Park or Pacific Cookie Company
  3. Why are you so tired?
    1. Midterms and papers for days
    2. Didn’t get any sleep because I partied so much
    3. Watched Netflix late into the night
    4. Spent every night at late night — them chili cheese fries though
  4. What’s your favorite thing about Berkeley?
    1. I love taking classes and learning new things.
    2. The social scene here is so vibrant.
    3. The friends I’ve made here are the best!
    4. Strolling down to Asian Ghetto
  5. How are you feeling right now?
    1. Sick as a dog
    2. Healthy as a horse like always!
    3. Managed to avoid the flu, thank God!
    4. Maybe in just a bit of a food coma, otherwise doing well
    1. Dang, boo! You need some serious R&R — rest and relaxation. Go home, whether that’s your apartment in Berkeley or your parents’ house, jump under the covers and snuggle the heck up. Sleep in until 1 p.m. Never change out of your pajamas. Don’t shower. Go into a deep hibernation. And never come out.
    2. Sounds like you need to lay out by the pool with a margarita (virgin, of course — what are we, heathens?) and party it up. Drink those virgin margs until the sugar makes you spin out of control and slap your best friend on accident then get sick all over her new swimsuit. Let the good times roll!
    3.  You’ll miss your Berkeley friends so much while you’re away! Why not spend every second of your vacation texting and Snapchatting them? Don’t forget to make a heartfelt #tbt post on Instagram about how they complete you and make your life worthwhile. In fact, while you’re at it, make the same post about your crush and alienate everyone in your life at once!
    4. Do a food crawl! Try out every takeout place in your hometown — it’s not every day you have your parents around to fund your food obsession. And, let’s face it, you never reached your beach body goals anyway, which your mom never fails to point out at every opportunity. So just shovel greasy Chinese food into your mouth with your hands, you dirty animal, because your mother will never be proud of you. Never!



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MARCH 18, 2016