Picks of the week: Spring break

Jessica Palopoli/Courtesy

Many of us go home (or to Cabo) for spring break, but for those of us who call the Bay Area home and are staying in Berkeley for the break, there’s still plenty of to do in the area. Whether it’s going to see high-brow theatre, an iconic band live, a blockbuster at an IMAX screen or finally going to the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, there will be plenty of things to enjoy with the freedom away from classes.

Tuesday: “Colossal” at the San Francisco Playhouse

At only 65 minutes, the play/musical “Colossal” isn’t a titanic time commitment. Yet, it relies on the commitment of your heart and mind, in which the play follows a disabled former football player who, through dance, comes to terms with who he is and his place in society. Featuring “four full quarters and a half time show, complete a dance company, a drum corps and a fully padded cast,” “Colossal” promises to be a unique theatre experience.

Wednesday: “Rocco and His Brothers” at the BAMPFA

If you haven’t been to the newly-remodeled Pacific Film Archive yet, what better way than to watch a 4K restoration of legendary director Luchino Visconti’s masterpiece “Rocco and His Brothers.” Shot in beautiful black and white 35mm, starring then-burgeoning star Alain Delon, “Rocco and his Brothers” is a grand, operatic and heartbreaking testament to what made the 1960s such a watershed decade for cinema. In its mixing of classical Hollywood melodrama with the raw intensity and experimentation of the European art cinema, “Rocco and His Brothers” is a perfect film to find out why the PFA is so well-known for its programming and visual and audial screening settings.

Thursday night or Friday: “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” at AMC Metreon 16 and IMAX in San Francisco or AMC Bay Street 16 and IMAX in Emeryville  

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will surely be the first event film of 2016, especially seeing it in one of the few IMAXs in the Bay Area. There are many expectations for this film. If you’re a Marvel fan, you want it to fail, so you can finally claim superiority over DC Films. But if you are a DC fan, you want this to succeed, because we’re all getting tired of Marvel churning out the same film every year and making tons of money from it. So far the actors, Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman, the director Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. Studios have been quiet on how the film has turned out, waiting to screen the film for fans or critics until the week of its release, thus clouding the reception of the film in mystery. Nonetheless, regardless of how you want the film to do, everyone will have an opinion on it, and because of this, you might as well see it on opening night, like me, in order to be one of the first million to discuss the pop culture fandom of the film.

Friday: The Smashing Pumpkins at the Masonic

For those who loved the ‘90s and want to see one of its most iconic bands, look no further than seeing the acclaimed the Smashing Pumpkins at the Masonic in San Francisco. The Smashing Pumpkins are one of the mostly critically and commercially successful bands from the ‘90s, known for heavily influencing modern alt-rock bands with their mixture of goth, metal, punk, psychedelic and dream pop into one heralded, cohesive whole. Also, the Masonic is one of SF’s most loved venues, so why not?

Levi Hill covers film. Contact him at [email protected].