Make your own holiday: Berkeley style

Rachael Garner/Staff

Nowadays it seems as though there’s a day dedicated to every possible person or event. Forget about boring old Mother’s Day— there’s the entirely necessary Draw a Picture of a Bird Day to worry about. The pinnacle of all creative holidays is March 26, National Make Your Own Holiday Day. We at the Clog propose that every one take this Saturday to observe the fictitious Berkeley Student Appreciation Day. We don’t mean appreciating the students themselves, although the work that they do on a day-to-day basis is no walk in the park, but rather using the day to give credit where credit is due for everyone who made us the students we are today. This day is meant to appreciate the people who are invested in the stress cases that currently occupy the Berkeley bubble. So here’s to the professors, peers and parents that have made us the nerds we are today.

To kick off our Berkeley Student Appreciation Day, we’ll start with a message of gratitude to the faculty. We think it’s important to remember that for every negative news headline about a professor here, there are hundreds of great ones that go unnoticed. When asked about instructors that had a positive impact on their learning experience, senior Aparna Dhinakaran rattled off admiration for three different research professors with ease. While there are certainly some professors who make us want to rip our hair out, there are also those who totally have everything together and can give a mic-drop worthy lecture like nobody’s business. We see you with those perfectly timed lectures and well- organized bCourses pages— that stuff isn’t just a coincidence.

Another integral part of each student’s life is the company they keep during this crazy time. Let’s be real, college kids are basically just short-tempered, sleep-deprived narcissists 24/7.  But at least we can be short-tempered and sleep-deprived narcissists together. During those times of suffering and exhaustion, the solidarity of knowing that the person next to you in the library is in just as bad of shape as you are is always comforting. College is basically a mad sprint towards an unknown goal. We are all rocketing through everything in this weird stage of transition towards a presently unknown future. One day we decide we want to be a lawyer and the next, medical school is on the table for consideration. It’s kind of a weird time for us all and nobody really understands it like our fellow peers. To top it all off, there’s the fact that Berkeley isn’t exactly a school known for its laid back academics. Luckily, we have each other to fight through lab reports and CS projects as a unified force.

In light of the recent release of UC acceptances, it is also necessary that we pay it forward to the people that got us to the #1 public institution we attend today. For starters, there’s any elementary school teacher who fostered a love of learning. It’s safe to say that any student at this school must enjoy learning in some way, and when you’re young it’s tragically easy to crush that passion. Last, but most certainly not least, it’s necessary that every one at Berkeley thank their parents. Not only did they chauffeur us to and from the many school functions that they were forced to pretend to care about, they made us feel significant along the way. Some 18 odd years later, they still manage to put up with us basket cases and our questionable attempts at adult-ing today.

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