How to recover from the spring break slump

Stephanie Toussaint/File

Returning to dull lectures after spending hours sunbathing and indulging in your mom’s cooking can seem impossible. Lingering suntans, slightly embarrassing pictures you’re now tagged in on Facebook and grogginess from long nights spent forgetting about midterms seem to be a part of a fantasy that is, unbelievably, already over. Trust us, we at the Clog understand how hard it can be to wake up for your 8 a.m. when you’ve become accustomed to going to bed without having to set an alarm. To ease the recovery, we’ve come up with some tips to help you refuel to finish out the semester strong.

First, you have to get out of bed. We’re sorry, but it’s just a given. Napping endlessly seems to be a solid solution to pretty much anything, but in order to finish out the semester, you need to leave your bed and re-establish a solid sleeping schedule. Who knows? Maybe the next step will be leaving your apartment and actually making it to class.

Once you’re sleeping on regular hours again, hopefully, the next thing you can do is shake up your routine a little bit. Try a new study spot, go get a mocha at a new coffee place or maybe even take a new route to class. Routine is great, but it can get boring if you’re doing the same thing every single day. Doing something new could give you the motivation to power through that eight-page paper rather than longingly browsing through pictures from your trip to Cabo.

Chances are not everyone that you love in Berkeley was on your vacation, visiting home with you or hanging around the area with you. To remind yourself of all the things you love about UC Berkeley, and to avoid thinking about your mom’s brownies, go visit some old pals. Grabbing dinner with your freshman year floormates or hanging with your one friend in that awful class this semester can help you mentally put yourself back in Berkeley and off the beach.

Just remember — you’re almost there! The end of the semester is right around the corner, and a few papers and midterms can do nothing to stop you. Spring break was just a little refueling period; now that you’ve slept and had food that wasn’t Crossroads, it’s time to focus and finish out the semester strong. We believe in you!

Even though “Spring Break 2016” may now only be your album title on Facebook, memories of relaxation and sun can help you push through that last midterm — even though it may require leaving your bed.

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