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Is your spring fling the real thing?

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MARCH 29, 2016

Maybe staying in Berkeley to study for the GRE or secure that internship this summer wasn’t on your list of most ideal ways to spend your vacation days. But you did what you had to do, and you made sure those beautiful spring hours were spent with an equally beautiful someone. Here are a few ways you can tell if your spring fling might be a lasting thing.

  1. Your old food dives just don’t cut it.

A trip to Asian Ghetto and La Burrita is nice, but now you sometimes want something a little more. You never thought the day would come when you would crave quality and ambience over a nice cheap meal, but it has. Sometimes you want to actually sit down and chat over an elevator jazz aesthetic. Sometimes you even what to argue over who is paying this time and who paid the last. You don’t have the time nor the income to do any of this, but you want to anyway.

  1. When you drink you don’t rage.

Parties are always a good time, but when the end goal isn’t to make-out with a random, you just don’t need to turn up to max. You want to remember everything that went down and you just want to actually chill. And let’s face it, you’ve got someone you’re waiting to meet up with afterward and you definitely want to be able to walk to wherever they are. #fiestanosiesta

  1. You are now familiar with more campus longcuts that shortcuts.

Ever since you were late to your first midterm freshman year you’ve become well acquainted with the quickest ways to walk anywhere and the hours it’s safe to navigate Sproul unflyered. But now you know the more scenic routes too. You know the roads along Strawberry Creek and the bridges that cross it, the garden terrace stroll above Bechtel, getting side-tracked through the graffiti walls behind Wurster. You don’t need to be getting somewhere all the time because you’re where you want to be if bae is with you.

  1. You stay up longer the nights before their midterms than you did/do for your own.

Sure, last fall you were up until 3 a.m. studying for Bio1A and sure, you watched the sun set and rise while writing any last-minute essay. And you suffered. Oh, how your blood was half mocha. But now when they have to stay up all night finishing that CS project or reviewing a lab presentation, you enjoy the sleepless nights and even the morning moodiness. You love fetching them Cheetos and tea. You love listening to them when they GG at their failure at life. No matter how unattractively long ago they showered or were relatively happy, you love helping them through it all.

  1. Office hours and the RSF are actually in your schedule.

You remember those things you always planned to go to and never did? Well, now you do. You actually want to understand an alpha helix and you actually want to get that booty Jillian Michaels promised with her month long squat challenge. You just want to be a better human being in general because now you’ve got someone else to make proud besides you, yourself and your mom.

  1. You want to be that couple in your class.

We all know that couple. You’ve wondered why they need to hold hands while they talk notes and massage one another between each page break. What is it that possesses them to lean their head on their partner’s shoulder and whisper what can only be federal secrets a centimeter from their ear? But now, instead of fighting the urge to sit behind them and prop your feet up between them, you secretly want to be them. Yes, you’re disgusted with yourself, but you don’t care. Neither do they.

  1. You’re broke.

The moment you’ve been dreading has finally come. You go to pay for your Gatorade, and your debit card is denied, even after the third swipe. You might lament the loss of your funds, but only for a moment. You soon remember all the trips to SF you bought and the concert tickets you paid for and you regret nothing because you entered the red together. You still leave quite thirsty, though. In more ways than one.

  1. You have never wanted a spring break to not be over more.

You’ve always dreaded the last day of break, but this time you really can’t face it. You’ve loved spending your week with your new favorite person, and you don’t want to go back to living without them. It was break that brought you together and break that defined your time together. But it just wasn’t long enough. You can’t remember how you ever went through life without them there too.


So, to all you spring lovers who found more than you expected, look forward to basking in the El Nino sun together. Summer is coming. And with you two together, it’ll be a little hotter.

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MARCH 29, 2016