Accidental UCPD crime alert sent to campus community Wednesday

Ethan Epstein/File

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Received a mysterious crime alert regarding something tasty?

An accidental crime alert was sent out to the entire campus community about 6 p.m. Wednesday, according to UCPD Sgt. Nicole Miller — the advisory titled “mmmmmmmm” and the content of the email simply “mmmmmm.”

“Today, the messaging system appeared to be frozen on our side and the message you received was sent in error,” stated a follow-up email from UCPD that was sent about 8 p.m. to campus. “The Nixle system was not hacked.”

In addition, the email apologized for the accidental notification. UCPD began using Nixle, the real-time information service through which the false alert was sent, earlier this month.

Anyone with a will “sadly” be receiving the accidental email, Miller said, noting that some campus members have yet to receive the notification.

Miller said that this is the first time an accidental notification was sent out to the community through Nixle and that the system is “still very new.”

According to the apology email, UCPD is working with Nixle to make sure “this type of transmission (does not) occur again.” 

“Thank you to those that informed us at [email protected],” the email stated. “Please continue to communicate with us as we move forward on enhancing communication together.”

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