Campus to turn Evans Hall into student housing

Rayanne Piaña/File

Campus officials announced Friday that they will repurpose Evans Hall into a multiuse residence hall, in light of concerns about insufficient on-campus housing for the incoming freshman class.

Evans Hall was chosen for its prime location — allowing students easy access to classes and their new dining hall — Qualcomm Cafe.

Additionally, RSSP officials have determined that the orange chairs in many ground-level classrooms could easily be repurposed to form beds for students, saving the campus scarce resources in the throes of a $150 million annual budget deficit.

Evans Hall currently houses the mathematics, statistics and economics departments. When asked about plans to relocate those students and faculty, senior campus official Oscar Bare explained that UC Berkeley plans to simply eliminate the departments.

“Nobody even cares about math,” he said, seemingly unaware that his comments were on the record.

According to Bare, surveys of post-graduation salaries among different majors led administrators to determine that given the low earning potential of statistics, economics and mathematics majors, it no longer makes sense to continue offering those majors.

The decision follows a series of efforts to improve campus housing options for freshman; previously, administrators announced that they would convert the top floor of the Campanile into a private dormitory as part of a private-public partnership to raise hundreds of dollars.

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