Post-spring break detox guide

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Fellow Bears who were able to take a break from school may be well-rested and ready to tackle on the semester once again. We at the Clog wish you the best for the last month of school! This guide, however, is for those who have either crippled their livers, put on a couple of unwanted pounds from being a couch-potato or are exhausted from traveling. If you fall under any of these categories, cleanse your body from the toxins you accumulated during spring break!

Unpack your suitcase and wash everything

Although it may be tempting to leave this arduous and tedious task to the last minute — don’t! Take everything in your suitcase out and throw it all in the laundry machine! That includes your clothes, bathing suits, socks, undergarments and even your shoes (don’t actually wash your shoes)! It may be really difficult to motivate yourself to unpack, but the sooner you get it done, the better you’ll feel!

Return to healthy eating habits

Most of us tend to let loose during break, and fall into bad eating habits consisting of sporadic meals and a lot of junk food. Assuming that you lead a healthy diet during the semester (no more tater tots!), the week following break should be the time when you try your hardest to return to your normal eating habits! Give your body a rest from unhealthy foods and carbs, and eat some greens!

Go for a run at the RSF

Sweating is the best way to get rid of toxins, and what’s the best way to sweat? RUNNING! Any amount of exercise, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, can make such a difference for your body.

Take a hot bath

After you’ve ran for a couple of miles at the RSF, you should treat yourself to a nice, hot bubble bath. That is, if you don’t live in the residence halls, because then you might have to settle for a hot shower instead.

Drink a lot of water

Water washes all your troubles away. It’s in every health guide, and your mom probably reminded you to do this all the time back in high school. It’s so overstated that you must be tired of hearing it! But there’s a reason why it’s so repeatedly mentioned. It allows your body to breathe, and honestly, it just boosts your health by a whole point. All you have to do is buy a refillable water bottle, carry it around campus with you and take sips in between classes.

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