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2016 ASUC election endorsements

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APRIL 04, 2016

To read the Senior Editorial Board’s full endorsements, click here.

To vote in the 2016-17 ASUC general elections on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, click here.

This year, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks announced a campuswide budgetary crisis, in which UC Berkeley is running a $150 million annual deficit.

This year, not one but multiple sexual harassment scandals erupted, pointing to systemic flaws in the way that the campus handles sexual violence cases.

This year, the university committed to enrolling 10,000 California undergraduates in the next three years, amid an already existing dearth of funding, housing and resources.

In short, next year’s ASUC leadership is sure to be tasked with a slew of urgent problems. But many of this year’s candidates seem poised to enact real and specific change in areas of importance: improving how we handle sexual assault and harassment, battling increased enrollment on campus and improving access to affordable housing. And with every race contested — often by more than one strong candidate — we are hopeful that this incoming ASUC class will not just be bureaucracy as usual.

Like last year, we’re disappointed by the lack of contest among referenda on the ballot — although we largely supported them, opposition would have fostered a livelier discussion and pushed already fine campaigns to their best form.

Through the course of Senior Editorial Board interviews with referendum proponents and every candidate for the five executive offices, careful parsing of platforms and the discussions at our annual ASUC elections forum, we have determined whom we believe is most suited for the job at hand.

Ultimately, your vote is your own. Don’t let anyone sway you to blindly vote along party lines — think critically about the issues that matter and make a decision based on your own consideration of the facts, knowing that what you vote really does matter. After all, your ASUC elected officials are beholden to you, the people. With such pressing problems in our midst, it’s all the more imperative that the ASUC leadership has both the drive and knowledge to take action.

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APRIL 10, 2016