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'The Office' characters as campus buildings

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APRIL 06, 2016

If you ever find yourself procrastinating to the point where you’re reading this article, then you’re in for a good time. For those lovers of “The Office” out there, we at the Clog decided to compare campus buildings to characters on the show. Happy comparing!

Creed Bratton as East Asian Library

Creed’s desk, located in a small back corner of the office space, is similar to the East Asian Library’s location, nestled between Pat Brown’s (Darryl’s office) and Hearst Mining Circle (the accountant’s group of desks). Additionally, Creed’s a bit eccentric, and the architecture of East Asian Library doesn’t match any of the buildings around it. Not a lot of students know anything about East Asian, just as the characters on the show don’t even know how Creed ended up working in the office. 

Pam Beesly as Wheeler

Pam is a classic character, just as Wheeler is one of UC Berkeley’s classic buildings. When Pam was a receptionist and had a lot of drama between her, Jim and Roy, she was the center of attention of the show. Wheeler catches everyone’s eye as they’re walking to their class from the entrance of Sather Gate. Pam is also artistic, and Wheeler is known as the building for the English department. While the show progresses, Pam struggles with branching out from her receptionist job and dreams of becoming a painter. The same creativity in her murals matches the poems, papers and the Snapchat geotag of the English department. 

Jim Halpert as the GBC

Both Jim and the GBC are highly lovable while also filled with entertainment and activity at all hours of the day. Jim’s constantly pulling pranks on Dwight, and the high prices at GBC are a joke. Jim and Pam are soulmates from season one, which makes sense, as a trip to GBC precedes a trip to Wheeler. Jim is smart, athletic, ambitious and amusing, which correspond to all the variety of foods within GBC. 

Michael Scott as the Campanile

Throughout his time on the show, the character of Michael Scott is lively, at times annoying, sentimental, unforgettable and indescribable. These characteristics, minus the annoying one, can all characterize the Campanile as well. But maybe the annoying characteristic could describe how many Instagrams and Snapchats are posted of this stone tower. Michael and the Campanile are both always fighting for the attention of all the people around them. To quote Michael Scott, “I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

Oscar Martinez as Pimentel

As the house of chemistry, Pimentel is full of STEM students stressing out and solving all sorts of math problems. On the show, Oscar’s constantly doing math or correcting Kevin’s accounting mistakes. Chemistry students and Oscar are both highly charming. They’ll be the first people to help someone with math or rush to calculate the right amount of tip to leave. In the episode where Michael and Oscar debate the population of China, Oscar refuses to believe he could be wrong about a statistical figure and bribes Michael to go to lunch just to catch Michael making a mathematical error. 

Dwight Schrute as California Hall

California Hall is where administrative work is often done, and Dwight is constantly fighting to be promoted and be made regional manager, giving him more administrative duties. He does anything Michael, or Chancellor Nicholas Dirks in another world, asks of him. But he’s also always plotting and switching things up. If he were chancellor, Dwight would definitely advocate for dissolving the campus College of Chemistry in addition to the public health major. He can be annoying, but you can’t live without him. He’s also traditional, which can be said of UC Berkeley, as it’s such an old institution. 

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APRIL 05, 2016