Thoughts you have when using the new enrollment system

Sasha Ashall/Staff

Alright, go to CalCentral, click the My Academics tab and scroll down. On the right hand side of the page is the new enrollment system for Fall 2016. No one knows what it’s called because the name was probably sent out in an email from Chancellor Dirks that we, as a collective student body, deleted on sight.

No one likes change, so we at the Clog compiled a list of the thoughts we had when using the new enrollment system on CalCentral for the first time.

  1. How dare you get rid of Schedule Builder.
  2. Schedule Builder was like a caring, user-friendly auntie to me.
  3. Why is the schedule of classes so hard to find? It’s almost like they don’t want people to actually see how bad the design is.
  4. I can’t wait to “explore” the Fall 2016 schedule.Explore
  5. Did the guy falling asleep in my Computer Science 16A class make this website?
  6. Why do none of the history classes have assigned time slots?
  7. On that note, why has the time slot for Political Science 1 changed three times in a week?
  8. I’m confused.
  9. I can’t wait to put classes in my shopping cart.
  10. The course number options are so unnecessarily specific — just let us say upper and lower division.

    weird, sucky options

    Weird, sucky options

  11. Did they code this website in 1997?
  12. Am I on a shady clothing website called Dress Chic Girl Clothing Co. where everything is under $20 and it’s definitely a money laundering scheme as the design suggests?
  13. Did anyone beta test this website?
  14. Has the person who designed this website ever signed up for classes before?
  15. I miss Tele-BEARS and the all the fun, colorful tabs.
  16. CalCentral is not a home, this is not the schedule I know. I’d throw it all away, if you’d come back to stay. This enrollment’s not the same without yoooouuu.
  17. CalFucked doesn’t have the same ring as Tele-FUCKED.
  18. Cal-shit-Central? CalCentrapped?
  19. I am a student who prefers consistency and structure in my life, and the loss of Tele-BEARS is difficult for me only because my life is filled with uncertainty already, and change is a very difficult thing for me to process.

We at the Clog hope you don’t get CalCentrapped and that you get to fill your shopping cart with awesome classes that don’t yet have a specified time slot.


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