Berkeley student ends long-term relationship with Midterms

Elizabeth Klingen/File

Fourth year Berkeley student Cam P. Anile is an integral part of our campus. Fellow students have celebrated their birthday, seen them all decked out for Cal Day and Big Game Week — nobody does school spirit like Cam P. Anile — and have seen them as bored as you can be on campus over summer break. We’ve also seen them in quite an interesting relationship. Cam P. Anile has been dating Midterms on and off since fall term of their freshman year here at Berkeley and they have finally called it quits.

The question on everyone’s mind, then, is why this particular Berkeley student decided to end the relationship. “It was really a mutual thing in the end. At first, it wasn’t so bad, but by the end, I was just exhausted and I was only seeing them out of obligation. I thought it would never end, but I felt like I couldn’t just give up,” Cam P. Anile explained. But after four years of back and forth, they finally did give it up.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, the Daily Clog sat down with Cam P. Anile to talk about the longterm relationship, the way it affected them and why exactly they ended it. “I felt like I was putting so much into the relationship, honestly. It was like I was dedicating all of my time to this thing, but the results never ever showed. I tried so hard to get to know them and truly understand them, but in the end, I felt like I was never any closer to understanding them than I was at the start.”

In the end, the effort just stopped being worth it. The long hours Cam P. Anile was spending with Midterms took a toll on every other aspect of their life. “I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw my friends for more than half an hour at a time without avoiding Midterms. They would never let me out for longer. And forget about going home! I missed my mom’s birthday,” they told Daily Clog.

Friends of Cam P. Anile confirmed their statement. “Cam P. Anile and I only saw each other for study dates for years. I don’t think I ever once saw them completely awake or happy,” said Doe L. Brary. Cam P. Anile’s best friend, S. Leep added that they would go weeks at a time only seeing them in passing. However, both S. Leep and Doe L. Brary added that Midterms never seemed to be mean to them, only something that was an integral part of Cam P. Anile’s life. Their close friend Net Flix commented, “I don’t know what everyone else is talking about. I feel like I saw them pretty often the whole time they were with Midterms. They definitely made time for me.”

So why did Cam P. Anile feel so affected by this relationship, and how did they deal with the exhaustion? They said, “Sometimes I would just not even try, you know? I would show up to see them in sweatpants and not even attempt to understand what they were saying, but it would always end up messing me up, not them. No matter what I did, they weren’t really affected by it, but they sure did a number on me. Sometimes they could be so mean to me, it would completely ruin my day. And then two weeks later, they would bring it up all over again, and I’d just have to relive how much I messed up by not trying.”

Now that Cam P. Anile is out of this relationship, they’re enjoying their free time along with the spring weather. When asked about their plans for the future, they said, “I have a coffee date coming up with this new person I met. I don’t want to move too fast, especially after spending such a long time with Midterms, but I can easily see myself spending all my time with this new person.” The new person’s name? Finals.

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