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At Friday’s tabulations ceremony, it was announced that The Daily Californian Ink Initiative fee measure passed with a “yes” from the majority of student voters.

That means that for the next five years, the Daily Cal will receive support from a $2.50 per semester fee, an extension of an existing $2 fee set to expire in 2017.

Here’s what it also means:

  • For the next five years, a campus tradition of more than a century will not struggle every day with the prospect of financial collapse.
  • The Daily Cal will have the security it needs to invest in innovative projects, such as revamping our website and bolstering our digital advertising capacities.
  • The students’ newspaper has the means to remain independent from the campus and UC administration.

And most importantly, the passage of the Ink Initiative means that students believe in the Daily Cal — if not in every single thing we publish, at least in the idea of maintaining a campus newspaper as a watchdog for the UC system, a platform for student voices or a record-keeper for the Berkeley community. We want to extend our thanks to every person who voted “yes.” Thank you for voting in support of a future that nobody can entirely predict. Thank you for your faith and for what you’ve helped accomplish.

The continued support of the Daily Cal by a student fee means that we are more so than ever accountable to our readers. Please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] with concerns, questions or feedback. Also note that since 2012, the newspaper has released financial information on its website, and it will continue doing so, so that students can see how their fee money is being spent.

Melissa Wen is the editor in chief and president. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @melissalwen.