Inspirational quotes from campus bathrooms

Ariel Sauri/File

As a unique, anonymous platform for art and communication, bathroom graffiti can be many things — though it is, for the most part, messy, inflammatory and opinionated. Plastered across nearly every stall on campus from the third floor of Wheeler Hall to the notorious Doe Library, bathroom graffiti serves as a source of amusement and light reading for the patrons of the building’s lavatory. Most of the time, these years’ worth of student scribbles and drawings are dismissed as the disjointed and nonsensical ramblings from generations of UC Berkeley students with a pen, an empty stall and a bit of free time. If one looks hard enough, however, inspiration, motivation and literary beauty can be drawn from the mess of ink that covers the walls and doors. We’ve methodically combed through the literature engraved on the walls of seven different campus bathrooms to bring you the best and brightest sayings and sketches from the lavatory — see if you can spot them in your favorite stall the next time you need to make a pit stop. Truly inspirational.


Ariel Sauri/Staff

“you are always braver than you believe”

“live free”

“look next to you on the sanitary supply”

“believe in yourself and all that you are / know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle”

“hold your own hand”

“practice self-compassion”

“nothing matters”

“Take a moment to stop & read the writings on the wall”


Ariel Sauri/Staff

“don’t be afraid …”

“it’s ok to fail classes. it’s not the end of the world. worst case you take it again and be the best”

“smile. don’t get caught up in everything that’s crazy and hectic and busy.”

“everything will be okay in the end. if it’s not okay then it’s not the end. “


“this is beautiful / you are beautiful”

“Do not believe the things you tell yourself when you are sad and lonely.”


Ariel Sauri/Staff

“go & get whatever the hell you want.”

“encargate de mis cosas y yo me encargo de las tuyas”

“crawl / revolt / enjoy a fire that burns you / forget”

“Possibility is neither forever nor Instant”

“Remember one thing… / Through every dark night / There’s a brighter day after that / So no matter how hard it gets / Stick your chest out / Keep your head up / And handle it”


Ariel Sauri/Staff


“don’t settle for less / even a genius asks questions”

“Always do your best/ Don’t Let this pressure make / you panic.”

“you are wonderful.”

“the only way out is through.”

“Don’t Forget: Carpe the fudge out of this Diem.”



Ariel Sauri/Staff

“join the illuminati”

“don’t do drugs kids / also don’t eat chile it taste great going in…not so much going out”

“Nought May Endure But Mutability / time and the lull / home buried the / play / by and by / lord, / by and by”

“it’s worth it / i guess…”

“sometimes to stay alive you have to kill your mind / but i want to live w/o the fear & catch the sunlight in my hands”


Ariel Sauri/Staff

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