Found Poems: You’ve got mail edition

Kore Chan/File

Every day, we look forward to opening our emails and immediately, with relish, deleting the email from Chancellor Dirks that inevitably shows up in our inbox. Well, we at the Clog delved deep into the abyss of our junk mail to transform the already beautifully eloquent words of our dear chancellor into some equally meaningful poetry.

Damage was done

August 25, 2014

Damage was done

During the earthquake.

You should WarnMe


I warn u

and add cell phone number

and select you, “1” priority.

WarnMe fast.


suspicious about our emergency


for a seismic seismic upgrade.

Now planning for the replacement of you.

emergency situation

My safety is a shared responsibility.

Experience ample evidence

Our personal control

an emergency

Best Regards,

Nicholas Dirks


Please do not reply to this message.

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