Cal Day Issue 2016: Editor’s Note

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There is no single type of person that exists here at UC Berkeley. We’re a school made up of dreamers, activists, artists, future entrepreneurs and so many other types of leaders in the making. As a group, we never run out of ways to make a name for ourselves, and as individuals, we know a thing or two about forging our own paths.

This issue explores how the distinctive spirit of the school manifests itself in many ways. This exploration includes the profile of a student writing a senior thesis on Disney, UC Berkeley’s place in pop culture and the most entertaining UC Berkeley-related Twitters for you to follow.

UC Berkeley students have a tall legacy to live up to. Let Cal Day be the starting point for you as you discover the thriving medley of people, buildings and experiences that exist within this campus. If you want to make your mark at UC Berkeley, know that there is nothing here to stop you from doing so.